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Most the justices the peace not know that the various facilities in Buffalo for the examination children would available them upon application, but those with whom this point cheap assignment writing services was discussed stated that the town would probably object the expense that would involved in The county probation officer's headquarters are in Buffalo. He supposed have charge children probation in all parts the county outside the city Buffalo, those in the city being in charge a special department which the city maintains for that purpose. Owing the difficulty transportation and shortage personnel, the county probation officer has had but little contact with the justices the peace in the various townships, at least far as delinquent children are concerned. During the past fiscal year, probably not over fifteen or eighteen juvenile delinquents have been cared for the county probation officer.

The number cases children brought into the courts, however, must have been greater.

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writing helper There some prospect an improvement in this situation through an increase personnel in the department and the availability an automobile for trips anywhere in the county. The county probation officer has various ways having a child examined mentally, such as taking one the outpatient clinics conducted the Buffalo State Hospital or the Children's Aid diagnostician.

But usually refers cases a private physician who engaged in psychiatric work and has the examination made a fee basis. Not all children receive a psychiatric examination.

This one the many instances which show that a better coordination and use the available facilities for making mental examinations children would result in more complete and more thorough. The Erie County board child welfare reports that during the calendar year, families were given aid their organization and during, families.

All children received a physical examination either at one the health centers in the city or in the city tuberculosis clinic or at the hands private physicians.

During the year, children were examined. Only a small number received a mental examination namely, either those whom the physician making the physical examination especially referred for such an examination or those who were reported as doing very Owing the difficulty and expense transportation, the children in the rural parts the county are seldom brought the city for examination and hardly any them are mentally examined.

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various parts the county were visited an itinerant mental clinic, all dependent children in the runt I districts could receive a mental examination. The mothers these children also could receive a mental examination, and thus the law would more strictly complied with. The out-patient mental clinics conducted the state hospitals in Erie County consist three conducted the Buffalo State Hospital and one conducted the Gowanda State Although both the Buffalo and the State Hospitals have announced their readiness examine either children or adults at any time that they may brought the hospital, patients are very seldom thus referred them. There a strong and general objection going an institution for mental disease or sending a child there for an examination. Of the four out-patient clinics, two are as a rule used only for adults, while editing dissertation the remaining two one conducted at the Jewish Community House every Wednesday morning from, and the other at the Children's Hospital every Thursday afternoon are mainly for children. During the year ending June children under sixteen years age were examined in this clinic, but scarcely any them came from the rural parts the county, owing chiefly the difficulty and expense transportation. The great majority these patients were diagnosed as mentally deficient or mentally retarded, but there were also cases psychopathic personality, epilepsy, and psychoneurosis, and were designated as normal. Full advantage these clinics has not write my report for me always been secured, owing, apparently, the lack careful planning in advance as the type diagnostic service that might best i need someone to write my assignment help the other organizations but this merely a matter adjustment, as the personnel and equipment are the highest quality. It obvious that these clinics are not serving the rural areas the county, and a mere increase in numbers, compare and contrast essay help even r in new locations, would still leave most the outlying sections In order make psychiatric service available for the schools, justices the peace, overseers the poor, health officers, and other organisations and officials throughout the county, would necessary organise an itinerant mental clinic. Such a clinic could visit each the twenty-five townships in the county outside Buffalo twice each year, and should arranged through the county health in cooperation with any consultation or supervisory medical work ior the schools.