Dissatisfied despairing lowness spirits ill humour, vexed, grumbling peevish, obstinate quarrelsome, repulsive. Smiles at every thing contemptuously.

Serious, reflecting himself anxious or ill-humoured.

Ennui, rao desire any thing, especially any thing serious. Listless. Absence mind, irresoluteness want attention when reading and unsteadiness ideas.

Is apt select a wrong word in speaking. Sensorium. Want ability recollect things great forgetfulness and constant weakness memory. Inability follow a train thoughts. Excited condition the bodily and mental energies sometimes alternating with absence mind and thought, dulness sight and hearing. Frequent i need help writing a thesis paper weakness the head. Sensation as if were losing his consciousness or as if belonged somebody else seeing or speaking a thing, feels as if somebody r'se had seen or spoken professional paper writing services Stupid dulness and numbness the head, sometimes accompanied with heat the head, particularly early in the morning. Stupefaction, with dread falling forward cloudiness and sense intoxication, sometimes alternating with pains in the kidneys easily intoxicated even from the weakest spirituous i need help writing a paper in apa format drink. Vertigo, particularly early in the morning, increased stooping reeling vertigo, as if would fall over, when walking, during which staggers, and when sitting, every time when opens his eyes, sometimes relieved wiping the eyes, with a feeling drawing and rigidity in the nape the neck vertigo as if one would turn, or as if every thing were turning in a circle early in the morning accompanied with a faint feeling, or with nausea which passes off after breakfast towards evening four o'clock. Headache aggravated paraphrasing articles walking in the open air at night, from evening until morning, with pain in the nape the neck in the afternoon, obliging him lie down, accompanied with dry heat and cough during sleep. Headache the left side the head. Dull pain in the occiput or as if contused, going off in a buy a custom research paper recumbent posture.

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The head feels very heavy early in the morning heavy and hot in the afternoon, especially when stooping, as if need to buy a research paper the head would fall forward with paleness countenance and languor sensation dulness in the forepart the head the vertex feels painful the touch. Pressure in the forehead from without inward sharp pressure over the eyes pressure with sense as screwing, about the head after dinner, in the forehead from within outward, or in the right temple from without inwards pressure with burning sensation, warmth in the sinciput when standing or sitting, relieved the open air. Compression over the eyes, from the temples, from either side the head, mostly in the evening, sometimes accompanied with a chill, or followed nightly help me write thesis statement heat and sweat sensation in the head as if the contents the head were in a vice, with sensation weight the top the head. Sensation a if the brain were dashed pieces or bruised with redness the cheeks. Tightness, stupifying tightness in the right temple, relieved pressing upon tightness with drawing and beating in the right side the occiput. Drawing in the right side the head drawing as if the hairs were pulled with inclination vomit in the left custom application essay temple, in the ghost buy college research paper writer essays evening. Tearing in the head, in the forenoon in the forehead, in the evening, relieved open air in the right temple, with burning after rubbing lancinations in the forehead and temples, or else tearing, increasing lancinations with stitches in the ears, in the evening, relieved pressing upon the parts.