Her mother meets this condit benefits of paraphrasing as usually met, not trying understand the child, but soundly spanking her, flying into a passion cheap custom essay writing herself. Case phd thesis writing help S The Z family illustrates the effects help with a research paper that ignorant methods disciplining have upon children ££ £ have eight children, ranging from fifteen years live ninths T?e fifteen-year-old boy still suffers from bedwett the five-year-old bites her nails, and the three-yearIld her thumb in her mouth. She frequently attacks her der sister with the butcher knife. Then the mother screams at them and threatens take them the hospita The sixteen-year-old daughter recently ran off and marned a man much older than she. Her explanation this that IZ early childhood her mother beat her and never allowed out. She does not want see her mother any more and does not speak her, but sorry leave pay someone to write your paper her father, who cries every need help writing a thesis day because she refuses come home. Case A B has seven children.

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They live closely crowd d! under poor hygienic conditions.

The father has been away from work for two months, because an. his back, and the family expenses have been met the W and anemic.

She constantly eomp Laming Jans in various parts her body, especially severe headaches S are automatic essay writer not relieved glasses.

She has remained two years in one grade in school.

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She constipated and has a finicky appetite and a bad temper.

She cries easily upon little or no apparent provocation, twitches her eyes, and bites her nails, and her sleep disturbed distressing dreams that she sick, falling down from a great height, etc. The boy thirteen also frequently twitches his eyes and constipated.

A younger brother, aged ten, has, like his elder sister, One other child talks in her sleep, and one cross-eyed and lives with his wife and five children in three small, dirty rooms. The wife subnormal mentally. She unable tell what grades her children are in, saying, way excuse, that she forgets everything they say. She says she gets nervous she'd like kill them, and gets mad at times that she faints. The children fight like cats and dogs especially W, aged nine. Her mother, enraged, hits her the head with a stove brush. This, child cannot best paper writing site speak plainly, still wets her bed, and talks in her sleep, as does her younger sister, aged best resume writing services in nyc eight. The fiveyear-old nervous and cranky. If she wants essay revision help online something and doesn't get she cries the whole day long. The mother shrieks at the children intermittently, Stop! This lady hit you! One the children in this household died at thirteen months convulsions, and the youngest, aged nine months, restless and twitches in her sleep.