In the chapter natural selection in man, the biological point view quite pronounced.

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All the biologists seem almost rejoice in the high infant death rate, for they look upon as a selection the unfit.

The fact that secondary bad feeding and poor care does not daunt them, for they promptly conclude that these factors arc due the low mental level the parents, and therefore are part the inferiority the unfortunate infants. That a large majority immigrants are slum dwellers a first, and that the slum dwelling a result, their situation as immigrants rather than their inferiority, does not seem have reached the attention the biologists. In fact, they are not concerned with such best custom essay sites factors. Here Dr.

Bonnes quotes Dr. Saleeby's statement that those who survive are also injured that talk natural selection in anything haz ardous and unnatural as a slum widely unscientific that what really happens in the slum the damaging all the life therein and mildly chides him for his impetuous and indignant protest. Nevertheless, his final sentence in this chapter important A high infant death rate caused agencies with an injurious effect the germ plasm, instead being a blessing in disguise, might prove an index racial decay. With this sentence the reviewer in hearty accord.

Some day generations as yet unborn will say our i need help writing a speech times This was a generation that knew how fly in the air and dive under the waters, that had reached the stage where they could talk across aerial spaces and knew the marvels serums and antitoxins, and yet this generation tolerated the slums. A chapter the selective influence war a comprehensive survey the effects war the quality the human being. It pointed out that earlier warfares were probably eugenic in their influence whereas the later ones are dysgenic.

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He states that not improbable that most European wars have been injurious all parties concerned in far as the stock concerned.

How any one can doubt that, in view the heavy mortality amongst the best physical and mental specimens, a mystery the reviewer.

Dr. Holmes then deals with selection, assortative mating, etc.

Here again becomes rather pessimistic as showing that the higher grades individuals in the community are marrying late and having few children. One wonders, when reading about the superior peoples who marry late, whether or not their qualifications for superiority are not a bit artificial. They seem very selfish, quite cowardly, distinctly wedded comfort and ease, and they marry late and have few children. Their qualifications for superiority seem rest entirely upon their achievements in the purely artificial fields endeavor. Perhaps they lack fundamental instincts and are quite inferior. The chapter custom essay papers seo writing service consanguineous marriages and mixed marriages an interesting one, and you are given your choice all kinds opinions, especially in regard mixed marriages. Mixed marriages are horrible, says Shultz. The custom order essays mongrel a degenerate and, the other hand, say Ruetcr, Hoffman, Fisher, and Plossbartl Mixed marriages no such thing and even produce superior people.