This condition will remedy itself as psychiatry lakes its proper place in medical education the young general practitioner who lias bad psychiatric training will demand thai his nurse shall know at least how observe and report early mental symptoms and care for incipient eases mental disease. As physicians who desire practice in Massachusetts are now required pass an examination in psychiatry, in Dr. Briggs opinion, nurses should obliged qualify in psychiatric nursing before being allowed register.

He advocates also an exchange affiliation the general hospitals with the state hospitals.

Organization Social Work in a State Hospital. The author director clinical psychiatry at Manhattan writing a thesis paragraph State Hospital, and his discussion based upon the organization social work at that hospital. He assumes that social workers are assigned in the ratio one each one hundred patients parole. He classifies the various phases the work as follows Advice and assistance in maintaining adjustments, and promoting a salutory mental atmosphere in the home a Contact with other agencies doing social work, the schools, and correctional institutions and agencies, etc. The discussion brings out clearly the fact that the work depends upon the close cooperation physician and social worker. The latter interviews newly admitted patients and their relatives and friends, makes home investigations, and forth, and the social data thus obtained are compiled and supplied the physician for the patient s folder, assist him in understanding the patient and his needs.

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Plans for parole are formulated under the guidance the physician and when parole actually under consideration, the social worker equipped the physician for her preparole investigation with a comprehensive outline the case, including the patient's present mental and physical condition, the factors involved in his maladjustment, and the like. The results the investigation comprising full statements as the type environment which the patient will return, his family and their attitude toward him and plans for him, and the social worker's own recommendations the case are reported back the physician, who compiles from them a brief statement the home situation, formulates the social problems thesis services involved, and adds his recommendations as parole, with specific directions the social worker such points as amount and kind supervision, employment, recreation, medical care, and the like. The case then brought for discussion at staff meetings, where final recommendations are made.

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When a patient paroled, the social worker need an essay written supplied with full data the case, including the staff-meeting discussions and recommendations.

Parole patients reporting at clinics are interviewed both physician and social worker, the latter making such home visits thesis writing uk as are necessary, and throughout the parole period frequent conferences are held between physician and social worker, that every new situation may met promptly and intelligently. So far as possible, especially after parole, one worker should follow a case through its conclusion.

The experience Manhattan State Hospital, Dr. Raynor concludes, has shown the absolute necessity supplying the social workers with full data concerning the patient's previous history, psychosis, and condition at time parole and detailed and specific directions for meeting the problems after-care. This in turn has necessitated the careful formulation the social problems involved the physician in charge the patients. Writing from his experience with the essay consulting services parole system as first assistant physician at Kings Park State Hospital, Dr. Blaisdell divides the patient population a hospital into three main groups those who are fit for parole under practically all conditions those whom unsafe parole under any circumstances those whose cases call for careful study. Group includes convalescent patients and patients who have not shown dangerous or untoward tendencies group, patients with suicidal or homicidal tendencies and patients who are restless, excited, depressed, violent, or destructive, or who require more skilled care than can provided in a private home in group, probably the largest all, the advisability parole depends not only upon the personality the patient himself and the type his psychosis, but upon the results a thorough investigation the environment which will the care and supervision that will given him relatives and friends or employers, and the efficiency the hospital's social-service department. Generally speaking, the parole list a hospital will increase in proportion the liberality the management's point view and the effort that made discover patients suitable for parole and provide adequate supervision for them. Both viewpoint and effort buy term paper online will vary need help for writing essay greatly in different admission essay editing service institutions as well as in the same hospital from time time. This well shown comparing the average percentage cases parole from the thirteen civil hospitals the state New York during any fiscal year.