The most violent pains were felt in the left hip-joint, left fibula, and the right The voluntary muscles were likewise affected.

Silver causes an involuntary academic writing services for graduate students jactitation help in writing thesis statements those muscles in the neighbourhood joints if the part pressed upon, the jactitation perceived higher in the same muscle above the part pressed upon, or causes involuntary, convulsive, violent concussions whole extremities, taking place while the prover the point falling asleep, and destroying the inclination sleep they emanate from the joint. Upon examining critically the practical observations relative the action the nitrate, discover that that agent affects the organism in two distinct ways. In the first place affects the nervous system in a peculiar manner and secondly, has great powers in producing organic changes in the body.

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Its action upon the nervous system characterized a general, direct, qualitative alteration the functions the motor and sentient nerves, but especially the abdominal ganglions. It in the abdominal ganglionic system that the power the drug seems concentrated in the first place, and from which irradiates as from its focus.

Even the specific relation the nitrate silver the cerebral life, which laid much stress upon the ancients virtus cephalica, docs not seem exist independently the specific relation that drug the abdominal ganglionic system, but seems a consensual relation depending upon the principal and primary relations the nitrate the abdominal ganglia.

Most those disturbances the cerebral functions which are cured the nitrate silver, co-exist with disturbances the abdominal organs or depend upon them, such as infarctions the spleen and liver, disturbances the digestive functions, hysteralgia, sexual disturbances, abdominal typhus, etc.

the superior ganglia and the pneumo-gastric nerve are specifically affected the nitrate silver, from which may infer its efficacy in tremor and spasms the heart this view acceded Kopp The latter makes the following observation in relation that subject The nitrate silver exercises a peculiar, dynamico-material effect upon the help with assignment writing ganglionic system, the functions which are powerfully affected that drug.

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The results that action are manifestly and specifically observed sympathy in those organs whose action depends upon the pneumo-gastric nerve after that in the whole the nervous system. This opinion, which not derived from vague speculations, but from experience, suggests an explanation the curative virtues which the nitrate silver manifests in fundamental disturbances the abdominal organs, such as gastrodynia, enteralgia, book editing service neuralgia coeliaca, rhachialgia, spasms, chorea, epilepsia abdominalis, uterina and testicularis.

The dynamico-material effect the drug, resulting in organic transformations, depends upon the magnitude the dose and the susceptibility the patient.

In small doses proportionate the susceptibility the patient, the nitrate silver excites and increases the vital power the lower and higher best online essay editing service organs, increasing the tone the relaxed best website for essays fibre, animating and accelerating the metamor According Lombard Gazette Medicale, Paris, the nitrate silver strengthens and regulates the manifestations the irritability the organs. phosis animal matter, restoring and preserving that harmonious proportion in the ingredients the living organi upon whii its unity and order necessarily depend. According the opinions the old school, displays powers whieh strengthen the cohesion the organism, improve the assimilative functions, prevent putrefaction hence annihilates miasmatic and conti fections the animal fluids, which will proved abundant practical testimony hereafter. The opposite the above-mentioned results produced overpowering doses they occasion, with or less pidity, depression the vital forces, and consequent disturbance the harmonious proportion the ingredients the organism, vitiation the secretions, fluidization, dissolution or even annihilation the formative or assimilative ingredients, putrefaction, extinction the plastic and vital iwers the fluids, sphacelus. cheapest essay writing service This shows that both the antiseptic and the poisonous powers the drug depend upon the dose. It the compound relati in which the nitrate silver holds the formative processes the organism, that are able account for the apparently opposite results which that drug realizes custom report writing service its action upon organic matter, this being disorganized excessive, and its organic life being strengthened proportionate doses the drug. This peculiarity the nitrate silver has been pointed college essay editor out several authors, among others says Not only in luxuriant, but also in impoverished reproduction, as in phagedenic ulcers, the nitrate silver obliges the vital powers, as far as that possible, restore the reproductive best custom essay writing services functions their normal standard. The deep and intense action which the nitrate silver exercises in the metamorphosis the tissues, shown the gradual succession changes colour realized the protracted use the drug in the skin, which changes from bronze violet, blue, deep-blue, dark-brown, and even black. In spite all attempts account for that phenomenon, can only explain upon the ground that the nitrate silver has been precipitated in the rete Malpighii, this precipitation and the dissolution the nitrate itself, together with its changes colour, being owing the action the light and the oxygen the atmospheric air. This opinion much more probable, as the dis soli oration the skin only takes place in those parts which are provided with mucous membranes not in cicatrices, and which arc exposed the action light and air. There another circumstance corroborating the notion that the nitrate silver penetrates the system, and has perhaps a specific relation the penetrated organs this, that metallic silver has been found deposited from the nitrate in the plexus choroideus and in the pancreas see Wedemeyer in Rust's The clinical observations the nitrate silver are as yet scanty. It custom writing review has been successfully used in the following affections Epilepsy. Diabetes.