These were the true shell-shock cases, and if not immediately fatal, they recovered as a rule much more quickly than the emotional case, for the emotion fear and the unconscious wish escape from an intolerable situation were not usually a part their Officers seldom suffered with these hysterical disabilities which were common in the men their nervous disability academic english help writing was usually an anxiety neurosis in which the instinct selfpreservation did not play such a dominant part as did among the rank and file. An exhausted, irritable nervous system, associated with various forms bodily derangement, headache, insomnia, website for essay writing tremors, and disorders affecting one or other the following systems cardiac, vasomotor, respiratory, digestive, genital, and glandular was the result a mental conflict in the conscious and the subconscious mind between two primal instincts self-preservation and the esteem the herd. In some the fear death played the more important part. In others was an altruistic fear connected with responsibility for the lives the men under their charge, rather than their own self-preservation, that led the nervous breakdown. Most those officers who suffered with an anxiety neurosis were troubled with terrifying dreams their battle experiences some suffered with a recurring dream in which they lived over again some horrifying or terrifying lire vividly thai they were afraid sleep. Some were unable recall their dreams, but the mental and bodily depression awakening showed that they had been dreaming painful experiences.

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Many shouted out in their sleep commands their men, and a few fought or walked their sleep The war has shown the great importance the abortions mind bnt experience has demonstrated the faUacy the Freudian doctrine that all dreams with fear are related forgotten sexual experiences causing a mental trauma Moreover, has shown that individual self-preservation and ental onflict arising from fear, associated with tins prima instinct, suppresses sexual desire. It interesting Recall Shakespeare, in Mercutio s description Queen Mao, XfttX dreams and in Lady Percy's speech Hotspur attention drawn the mental confnct Hotspur mind and its interference with his marital duties.

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Bnt an individual suffering with an anxiety.

which has its origin in the fear that has irretrievably lost the steem Ws fellows, may arouse best site to find essays through the herd instinc boffly and mental effects similar those produced ear tor self-preservation. This fact may explained the two if tS having been evolution attuned a corresponding snecific bio-rhvthm in respect good essay writing service fear. We cannot leave this subject body and mind without a consideration buy nursing research papers the doctrine Hughlings. Jackson lev K We may consider that there are three evolutional levels the vmil system, and this hypothesis supported comparaTve anatomy and the effects functional and organic disease the nervous system. The lowest level present in all animals and subserves the primal instincts preservation and preservation the species.

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the vegetative nervous system, consisting two system a the involuntary autonomic or parasympathetic, and svmpathetic, with which are associated the ductless glands, and S controls and directs the bodily needs and functions concerned with gratification the appetites and desires con! with the instincts self-preservation and propagation, the protopathic sensorrmotor nervous system which trols the reflex activities for protection against pain and miurv including injurious degrees heat and cold The'second leVis the discriminative sensorimotor leve. In the vertebrate series find two great groups macros in which the nervous structures that are especiaUy dev Iped are those connected with smell and taste and microsmatic, in which the senses sight, hearing, and touch are especially developed.

The archicortex the cerebral hemispheres highly developed in the former, the neo-eortex in the latter. The projection centers these senses are The third highest level the psychic level, in which there a great development the cortex the brain, and which in man far exceeds in development that the largest anthropoid apes.

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Pari passu with this great development the cerebral hemispheres a bodily development far surpassing in excellence all the lower animals. erect posture which the forelimbs are no longer used for progression and perfection the hand, whereby becomes not only the instrument, but the instructor the mind, for, guided vision, enabled create and make the most varied mental adjustments environment and control the forces nature. By the creation graphic and articulate language, which have simultaneously progressed, has been built a great social heritage constituting an endowment civilized man, whose organ mind hoAvever, no larger or heavier, and possibly potentially no better, than that the men who dwelt in caves, years ago whose only common mode expression was, may conjectured, mainly vocal sounds, gestures, and facial expression, a primitive, universal, emotional language understood all peoples. Now, in idiots who are write my essay service incapable articulate expression and abstract thought, find only two lower levels properly represented the development the anatomical basis the psychic level, the millions cells in the cortex arrested in development and have a condition, then, amentia or absence mind, examined sections the cortex, should find Ihe supra-granular layer pyramids especially affected. This layer, as Bolton has shown, developed later than the infra-granular layer. Moreover, have shown that as you rise in the zoological scale vertebrates, this layer thai increases in depth and number cells.