Fortunately a position was secured for her in a home as governess for two children, under very favorable conditions. At the same time opportunities adjusting her life in a way more compatible with her personality do my papers were offered.

Improvement was immediate and marked.

Such problems are being presented daily, and the solution them largely dependent upon efficient social service, the type social service that can bring the task an understanding the mental make-up the patient as well as the social technique required handle an antagonistic, dominant individual like this girl's father, the one hand, and the refined family in which the girl was placed the other. The psychoneurotic group makes a very large per cent all cases that receive treatment in the out-patient clinics, and with this group that can best hope real service. It perhaps, interest note that all the patients seen at the out-patient clinic carried the United States Veterans Bureau in Boston, less than are sent hospitals for treatment, while in a Middle-Western city handling presumably the same group cases, they find necessary hospitalize over the cases. The reason for this wide discrepancy lies in the fact that in the one city there a well organized out-patient clinic and an efficient social service, while in the other these facilities are not available. This a good example the value clinics and social workers. Permit however, present one individual case, with its ramifications, illustrate how intricate and involved an apparently simple situation may become if C. I. a woman fifty-six years age, entered the Outpatient Clinic the Boston Psychopathic Hospital complaining lit weakness the left side the body, confined very closely an extensive area that had been burned seven years ago, involving the left arm, breast, abdomen, and leg. There were also rather vague subjective sensations which were not constant or characteristic any nerve lesion. Careful physical and neurological examination revealed no organic cause for her complaints.

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In taking the history the case, was observed that the patient choosing a dissertation topic was depressed, extremely sensitive, and reluctant about going into the details her early life.

It was finally ascertained, however, that thirtyone years before she had had an illegitimate daughter the man whose name she bore. Notwithstanding the fact that this man was a moral degenerate, socially help me write a essay her inferior, and abusive, she was extremely fond him, and while not living with him, was at his command at all times over a period twenty years.

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When their illegitimate daughter was seventeen years age, her father had immoral relations with her which the mother knew nothing about until some years later. At the time her coming the clinic, the patient was living with this daughter in fact, she thought that she was entirely dependent upon her daughter and her son-in-law help in writing paper and was made quite plain her that she was not wanted.

This woman writing thesis service had converted many her mental conflicts into physical symptoms. After going over the situation with her, a plan life was outlined, and one its most important features was that she have a home her own. The patient then requested that she allowed bring her daughter The daughter was college research paper help a well-developed and well-nourished young woman, thirty-two years age, who was extremely depressed at the time the examination. She gave a history spells excitement, when her thoughts seemed accelerated and prevented her from sleeping. Her married life had been extremely disappointing, as there was no real affection between her and her husband. She found life a very solitary affair, and could not meet people, as she was unable appreciate any interest outside herself. She was constantly seeking sympathy, attention, and romance.