Leucorrhcea. The leucorrhoea with which she was affected, ceased.

Leucorrhcea after the menses, painless, lasting three days. Frequent attacks acrid leucorrhoea.

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Acrid leucorrhcea, accompanied a burning sensation in the genital organs, and still more in the rectum these parts seemed best writing services buying essays inflamed and corroded, that she found walking difficult washing the parts with cold water relieved her the leucorrhcea was very abundant, and flowed almost over her feet at the same time blood, resembling lymph, came off for two days, three days after the menses.

Leucorrhcea, like lymph, in the afternoon when walking in the open air, and when sitting, also at night. Abundant leucorrhcea transparent mucus, only in the day-time, without sensation or pain in the abdomen.

Leucorrhcea, quite clear, like water or transparent mucus made the shirt stiff. Leucorrhcea yellow mucus. Itching in the vagina, during the leucorrhcea.

In pregnant females Toothache constipation constipation infants stitches in the left mamma, in the morning itching the mammae. Larynx and Tracliea. Rattling in the chest, caused mucus sibilus in the trachea, and huskiness the chest, when breathing. On waking, early in the morning, his throat rough, and his chest paraphrasing in counseling feels oppressed, does not succeed in clearing his throat, and obliged sneeze a good deal.

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She frequently attacked with hoarseness, which causes a loss voice, and cannot relieved clearing the throat i need help with my essay mostly in the afternoon and evening.

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Hoarseness the whole afternoon roughness the throat, which induces coughing, write my essay review in the evening. Violent tickling in the throat. Irritation in the larynx, inducing dissertation writing software cough.

Cough, with clawing and tearing in the throat which makes the chest feel sore, in the forenoon with painful pressure in the occiput short and dry, in the forenoon and evening design and technology gcse coursework attended with tearing and shooting pain in the right temple and vertex. Violent, short, dry covgh, which lasts a good while, attended with assignment writing help in dubai sneezing and tearing, lancinating and pinching pain from the nape the neck the right axilla. Dry cough, at night, with dryness the throat coming suddenly early in the morning, and passing off quickly, or else continuing when walking in the open air, and discontinuing in the room. Continual dry cough, attended with vomiting and arrest breath, and lancinating pain, extending from the left side the abdomen the hypochondrium and the pit the stomach. Long turns a violent dry cough, during the day. Violent and dry cough, early waking. Cough, with copious expectoration, especially early in the morning.