But possibilities will not fully realized until there general appreciation the fact that prevention greater than cure in the realm mental disorder, just as in that physical disease.

And important as are preventive measures in childhood, they are equal importance in later life, when the individual encounters an ever-increasing number upsetting strains and stresses, presented the most complex social structure ever yet evolved. Thus need to write an essay progress coursework uk in mental hygiene may measured the growth facilities for the prevention mental research essay writing service disorders, no less than the development facilities for the treatment mental disease. thesis consulting But as usually the case in movements promote social welfare, theory in mental hygiene has outstripped practice.

No state has fully met the immediate and obvious duty providing adequate facilities for the care and treatment those cases extreme mental disorder designated the legal profession as insane. No state has yet been able for the excellent reason that as modern facilities have increased, the number known personal statement writers online insane has increased needs have continued greater than the facilities for meeting them. In all parts the country there has been a constant personal essay writers parallelism between improved and increased facilities and the number cases seeking treatment. It thus seems a fair deduction that the increase known insane in part at least, due increased confidence the part the public in write my essay cheap public institutions that a certain number mental cases are not revealed in public records when public institutions render The rather general increase throughout the country during the past two or three years in the number mental patients under treatmeni in stale hospitals demands the serious attention all those interested in public welfare. For example, the net increase patients the books the New York state hospitals, for the fiscal year ended June, was, the greatest increase any year in the history the state-hospital system.

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While the rate increase during the current year somewhat less, now appears that the net increase will approximate, for the year ending June. The cause this increase now the subject a careful investigation the New York State Hospital Commission, and while impossible at the present time evaluate properly all the factors involved, there reason believe in large measure the reflection economic conditions.

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Not only periods financial stress result in undue mental and nervous strain, producing mental disease in unstable individuals who might otherwise successfully cope with social demands, but they cause families and relatives disabled persons seek financial relief throwing the burden care upon the state, when in normal times they assume keeping patients in the home or in private institutions. It the obvious duty a state continue state-hospital construction the point providing bed capacity and treatment facilities fully commensurate with the need for them. In New York such a construction program now in process execution approximately, additional beds will available during the present year and approximately the same number next year. Present plans contemplate the provision additional bed capacity each succeeding year until the present distressing overcrowding in the New York state hospitals, with its obvious evils, will a thing the past. Aside from the provision adequate bed capacity, hospital development must considered incomplete until adequate living accommodations are provided for physicians, nurses, and attendants. Special equipment valuable and necessary for successful treatment, but no equipment equals in importance properly trained, what to write my research paper on high-grade personnel.

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There no substitute for kindly, sympathetic, tactful, and understanding human relationships, and the type research paper writing service uk person the hospitals need can retained in their service only as living conditions are provided that will approximate those obtainable outside. In view the argent necessity relieving the overcrowding that prevails in practically all parts the country, absurd think that patients are improperly detained in modern state hospitals, as sometimes charged the uninformed and ignorant. Most states have adopted a liberal parole policy, which clearly shows that state hospitals are making every effort restore patients society coursework writing services as soon as consistent with the welfare both patient and society. With a census, patients the books the thirteen civil and two criminal state hospitals for mental disease in New York, over, patients are parole. The number patients parole from the civil state hospitals has increased nearly, during the past five years. The fact that there far more danger that a mental patient may fail receive the indicated hospital care and treatment than there that will improperly detained. While treatment in a state hospital implies deprivation liberty and hence the necessity a legal process, the interest both individual and state make facilities for treatment readily available with as little legal hindrance as possible. The fear illegal commitment a heritage the past and based false conceptions.