It especially important, however, for explains the failure our penal institutions in dealing with this class. In fact, Glueck has shown that not only does the psychopathic group furnish a large number the first admissions penitentiaries, but also includes an even larger proportion the recidivists.

Statistical Study or Fifty Psychopaths A very careful review the hospital records fifty psychopaths discharged from this hospital between March, and September, was made and certain statistical facts were gleaned that may interest. Although many the statements the patients were checked information obtained elsewhere, must admitted that the data concerning industrial failures, arrests, and delinquencies are not in all cases entirely reliable. Since the patient was always given the benefit the doubt, what errors exist are A history a neurotic family was obtained in twenty the fifty cases.

This means that one or more members the patient's ancestors or their siblings showed evidence a definite neurosis or psychosis or aberrant university assignment writing help conduct pointing The educational status the fifty men interesting in that over half attained the eighth grade or higher.

The following gives this information in detail A studv the economic efficiency, the fifty before their entry into military service shows that eight had a good industrial record, eleven had a fair record, and twenty-five had a poor record. Of the remaining six, five had spent most their life in the army since leaving school, and the record Twenty-six admitted having been arrested nine had been confined jail for longer or shorter periods and two had served terms in penitentiaries.

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By accident was learned Z two others ha'd been sent reform schools.

It obviou that the above represents only a small proportion conflicts with the law that these men have had. The surpris g thing not that there are few with a court record but rather that any should have admitted that they had been Their marital histories also show numerous evidences maladjustment. Of the seventeen who have been married, separated, four are divorced, two have divorces peeing, two are bigamists, and one has been married three Adjustment was attempted six means morphine addiction, and five others were addicted the abuse othe drug.

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Of the latter, acetanilide, bromo-seltzer veronal, sulfonal, and cocaine were the most important Only two were definitely classed as alcoholic, though several others had custom academic writing drunk excess at some time in their lives.

Military life appeals the psychopath in many ways It offers excitement, idleness, and male companionship It especially attractive as a socially tolerated outlet the ZXllst, which present in most psychopaths and was marked in thirty-four our cases.

Lack adjustment military discipline with resulting court-martials are not frequent, thongh only two snch trials were adnnttedhy our cases Deserters are common among psychopathic soldiers, but as they are not entitled hospitalization, none our series admitted buy college essays such conduct.

The more favora ble help writing term paper side the problem illustrated the following facts tin IHt psychopaths in this series, fourteen had entered military service from two four times, while six were in the regular army and eight in the National Guard when the Europen Union entered the war.

Only fifteen were drafted, while the remaining thirty-five enlisted. Ten were promoted five sergeant, two corporal, and three corresponding ranks in the The industrial record our patients since discharge term paper writing service from the service demonstrates how completely help in writing paper military life unfits the psychopath for real work. Thirty-two the fifty worked less than the time from the date their discharge from the service the date their discharge from this hospital. Table gives detailed data concerning the percentages time at work and time idle for the entire series Industrial History since Discharge from Military Service All the nine men who were granted vocational training failed complete their courses or even partially rehabilitated. Several tried more than once, and one tried three research paper on sale of goods different courses, failing in all. Failure in work and failure in vocational training, and the general restlessness and unhappiness resulting from poor adjustment, convinced the psychopath that his health had been ruined his military duties. His friends and relatives too often agreed with him and confirmed him in his invalidism. Then, when a benevolent government offered him hospitalization and the hope compensation, the final step in his downfall was assured, and came the bospital with his morale at zero, and his egotism, self-pity, and idea his own importance at their highest. A study the series for organic factors shows that only three the fifty men had somatic conditions sufficient importance in themselves warrant hospitalization.