Grcefe thinks that Artemisia a certain remedy for catalepsy. Heun has employed Artemisia with unmistakeable effect for violent hysteric spasms likewise assures that has cured an obstinate case strangury in a child giving an infusion Artemisia drink and phd dissertation writing bathing in a decoction that plant.

Burdock considers Artemisia help me write a paper business letter writing best site to buy a research paper help a specific against spasmodic attacks infants and little children, which are more or less approaching epilepsy tins confirmed Wutzer, Stegmann and others, who consider help on writing a good thesis statement the eclampsia children in the period dentition as belonging principally that class spasms for which essay on service to humanity Artemisia a specific remedy, more particularly when the children are strong and well fed. Lastly, Artemisia said have been usefully employed for the following diseases periodical spasms in general gastric fevers, when the point passing into the typhoid form typhus stupidus malignant petechial fever intermittent fever chlorosis dropsy chronic headache and prosopalgia dysphagia cardialgia chronic vomiting schirrous tumors the stomach inflammatory custom writing help colic children diarrhoea children and full-grown persons cholera sporadica dysentery after the bloody discharge has ceased. It will seen from the foregoing historical notice the curative powers Artemisia that an important drug which deserves carefully studied the healthy organism. This notice has been extracted from Noack and Very little known.

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This remedy has been very little used homoeopathic practitioners. According Noack and Trinks the Arum root cheap essay services was a highly-prized remedy, particularly in the following diseases Paralysis.

Atony the mucous membranes and glandular organs.

Obstinate rheumatism and gout. Helminthiasis. Hypochondria. services essay Chlorosis.


Scurvy. Eczema solar Gangrenous, malignant ulcers cancerous ulcers. Polypus in the nose.

Intermittent fever. Vertigo. Headache from weakness the stomach. Struma. Aversion food. Excess mucus and weakness the stomach and intestinal canal. Torpidity the abdominal nerves. Epilepsia ahdominalis.