Carbuncle, especially in persons advanced in age.

Cancerous dyscrasia, cancer the nose, scrotum, scirrhus and carcinoma.

Papulous eruptions, prurigo, especially when the itching commences in the evening after undressing one's self. Scaly eruptions, lepra, psoriasis, especially psoriasis scrotalis, pityriasis, ichthyosis? Acute exanthemata, measles, particularly when violent vomiting supervenes, or after retrocession the measles and subsequent meningitis, rubeola nigra, scarlatina miliaris, with incipient sphacelus in the fauces, and vomiting, scarlatina maligna, chronic urticaria various kinds, purpura hsemorrhagica, purpura senilis when threatening pass into gangrena senilis, erythema, intertrigo, erysipelas, erysipelatous swelling the feet, vesicular erysipelas, especially about the head and face, and particularly when symptoms gangrene threaten set in, erysipelas oedematodes, erysipelas scroti.

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Vesicular eruptions, pemphigus, particularly pemphigus sanguineus. Pustulous eruptions, particularly pock-shaped pustules impetigo, particularly impetigo rodens porrigo larvalis crusta lactea, with humid, fetid basis, and discharging a corrosive liquid, which forms ulcers crusta serpiginosa, with emaciation and febrile symptoms tinea favosa, with swelling the nape the neck and neck tinea furfuracea hereditary tinea. Vesicular eruptions, malignant itch, malignant smallpox, putrid varioloides and variola, with vomiting, occasioned an excessive irritation the mucous membrane the stomach, irritation the intestinal canal, thirst, black tongue, hoarseness, inflammation the throat, cough, diarrhoea, great weakness, the pocks are surrounded with pale circles, and an ichor forms under the crusts herpetic eruptions, herpes exedens, with burning pains, herpes farinaeeus faciei, herpes eschiomenos chronic rash, miliaria alba in puerperal fever and typhus miliaria crystallina, with anguish and great oppression the chest, sudden aggravation the symptoms, accompanying an imperfect development the critical periods eczema chronicum.

Tuberculous eruptive diseases, warts the arms, acne faciei, gutta rosacea, elephantiasis. Syphilitic cutaneous diseases. Varices, with burning pain in english paper help the night, and when changes in the weather are about set in.


Decubitus. Habitual, varicose, herpetic, phagedenic ulcers the feet, with burning pains putrid, gangrenous ulcers, with elevated, help writing a thesis statement for a research paper indurated, readily-bleeding edges, thin, fetid, badly-coloured pus, or with thin, blackish, copious, and very fetid ichor, violent fever, burning pains, etc.

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Consequences dissection wounds, or the contact sore places the skin, dissertation search with putrid animal matter, pus, ichor, blood, etc. Panaritia malignant, blackish idcers the tips thesis writing online the fingers, with considerable swelling and violent burning pain.

Badly-coloured nails. Inflamed chilblains, with violent burning pains. Ulcerated corroding blisters the toes and the bottom the feet gangrcna senilis the toes. Coma vigil somnolentum, with considerable engorgement the brain, as takes place in violent, inflammatory, exanthematic, typhoid and putrid feveYs, in metastatic affections the brain, organic affections the brain accompanied with pressure the brain or in cerebral affections occasioned a violent exhaustion the cerebral activity, as alter violenl Spasms, epileptic and hysteric paroxysms, or in general homework help research paper when the engorgement takes place in exhausted patients with pale faces and cold bodies, or in coma accompanied with swelling the face as in hydrothorax and with serous exudation in the cranium, or in coma accompanying suppuration the brain, ascites, jaundice, arthritic paroxysms, puerperal fever, phthisis pnlmonalis and consumption, typhus, dysentery, intermittent fevers, scurvy, old age, etc. Fevers with local inflammation gastric and catarrhal fever with bilious and pituitous symptoms, delirium, great restlessness a synochal or synochous, putrid, typhoid character with morning and evening exacerbations. Pebris crysipelacca. Febris verminosa Quotidian, tertian, quartan fevers, or protracted intermittent fevers generally, particularly with anticipating type intermittent fevers from abuse Cinchona intermittent fevers in young people, in whom the fever affects the nervous system more than the abdominal organs intermittent fevers i need help with writing a research paper with burning internal heat and external shuddering, coldness and tremor the limbs, great anguish and oppression the chest during the paroxysm intermittent fevers with burning heat, great debility during the a pyrexia and disposition pass best writing paper into dropsy intermittent fevers characterized gastric symptoms, with more heat than chilliness, little or no sweat, or the sweat setting in several hours after the hot stage has passed over, insufferable pains, sopor even unto loss consciousness, vcrligo, nausea, violent pains in the stomach, restlessness, anguish, oppression, spasms in the chest, tremor, paralysis, excessive prostration, particularly when those symptoms are aggravated the least movement or talking febris intermittens perniciosa. The chilly stage preceded vertigo, fainting, stupifying headache, stitches in the chest, drawing in the abdomen and back, stretching technical writing services and yawning during the chilly stage anxiety, headache, stitches in the head and limbs, drawing tearing in the head and arms, coldness the abdomen, oppression the chest, laboured breathing, pressure at the pit the stomach and in the small ihe back, pains in the limbs and small the back, yawning and stretching after the chilly stage debility and sleep during the hot stage? restlessness, delirium, inability collect one's senses, muddled condition and heaviness the head, vertigo, headache, anxiety, clay-coloured, bloated countenance, bitterness the mouth, white, dry tongue, nausea, pressure in the liver, hardness and pain in the region the spleen, tension and fulness in the epigastrium, pressure and burning in the pit the stomach, hard and distended abdomen, oppression the chest, stitches in the sides the chest, redness the skin after the fever aching pain in the forehead and sleep with frightful dreams. Typhus with entire loss tonicity, dropping the lower jaw and incipient paralysis the brain.