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25 m²
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Sandra Tretter
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Ostmarkstraße 96
Eintrag von 02.07.2019

Large and sunny room in a shared apartement

Hey there,

We got 25m2 for you with the windows going to the street. You might here the traffic at night if you are sleeping with open windows. The furniture is going to stay in the room but the cat you may see on pictures is going to move out for the time too, so cat tree is, dont worry.

With your Bike you need about 10 Minutes to the city and the main station, my room mates assert you make it in 5 minutes time.
If its a rainy day or you are just lazy, there is a bus station in front of our house and another in 3 walking minutes.

There are some supermarkets and a drug store and fast food restaurants.

For your Bike there is a shed.

The room mates you would life with are Emanuel, Florian and Sarah because Sandra is doing Erasmus in Finland.
Emanuel is 24 and studies landscape ecology and he lives vegan and is doing a lot of different martial arts.
Sarah is 25 and studies protestant theology. In the morning she needs about three to four cups of coffee, after that she is going to be a really fun person.
Florian is 20 and he studies Biology. He is into technology stuff, plants and he is also a big fan of Lady Gaga.
We are really amazing.

If everybody is at home, we had lots of fun together. If you want to have some company you usally meet someone of us in the flat. If you dont want to meet someone, just close your door.
We like to have a coffee or a barbecue together or just hang out.

Because we like it clean in our flat there is a plan to keep that. Its important for us that you would also stick to the plan.

The Dates for the Movements are flexible Maybe you can stay till February.