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Eintrag von 08.07.2019

Central-located room in a friendly flatshare

Hello! My name is Björn. I will be in Lithuania for my semster abroad, therfore my room will be free from August/September until end of January.
Our flat is directly located at the centre of Münster, which means that you reach all university buildings in a short time by feet or bus/bike. We also have got a supermarket directly across the street. Our flat is at the fourth floor, unfortunately we did not have a a lift, but you will get used to it after some time, for me it was the same ;)
In our flat we have got a kitchen with all necessary equipment, i.e. a dish washer, a big fridge, cooker, oven and so on..
Because of the missing lift and the fact that two roommates are smoking, it is allowed to smoke in the kitchen. If you are interested in the room please keep this in mind! Furthermore we have got two bathrooms, one of them with a shower tub and a washing machine.

As you can already see on the pictures, my room is furnished. Therefore you would get a room where you have got a bed, a worktable, a tv, a cupboard and a cabinet for your clothes. Of course I would clear out all my stuff before you will move in ;) If there is anything that you don`t need from the above mentioned items we could discuss about this topic in advance.

You would live together with Julian, Fynn (both 24 y/o) and Johanna (19 y/o). Julian and Fynn are both studying at the WWU (Business Administration and Archaeology), Johanna will start a traineeship at the bank in August.
We are a very chilled flat and we love to spend some time together in the kitchen or at some bars. On the other hand you always have got the opportunity to enjoy some private time in your room.

If you are interested in the room, or if you have got some further questions regarding the room please feel free to contact me :)
Looking forward to hearing from you :)