He was threatened and shrieked but was not controlled.

Babies are too often at first petted excessively and spoiled in every conceivable way, and then beaten and ineffectually best online paper writers scolded throughout later childhood. Many parents seem know no other method i need someone to write my research paper discipline.

Alexander attended school as far as the eighth grade then refused finish because, as explains, thought was a man and wanted to work.

Now shows lack ambition, lazy, and usually out a job. His mother says refuses work and has a bad temper. He has never learned make an effort apply himself anything long or feel any degree responsibility.

The family consists father, mother, and three children, the eldest a girl nine years and the youngest a seven-months baby one week old.

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They live in four rooms, and the house neat and clean. The father a blacksmith, but out work. His manner toward his wife sullen, vindictive, and domineering. When she started tell about her fall, which brought this confinement, ordered her shut, in a suspicious fashion.

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He later began talk about himself and said that had returned six months ago from the Psychopathic Hospital, where had been a patient for eighteen months.

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He had previously been out work for several months, had started loaf and worry, and then had lost his mind.

He became violent, broke the furniture mid china, and beat his wife and children.

His wife thin, pale, haggard, and anxious. He never leaves the room when visitors come investigate this home. The oldest child shows neurotic symptoms and pale and undernourished. She lias had diphtheria, scarlet fever, and operations her ear and throat. She in the third grade at school and morbidly anxious time, such an extent that every night she changes her clothes and puts clean ones in which she sleeps, in order punctual the following morning. She finicky about her food and excessively fussy. The four-year-old boy had convulsions three times a year ago. If the father wishes enforce obedience from his children, raises a chair and threatens i need help writing an argumentative paper hit them over the head i need help with writing a paper with and would probably carry out this threat. His tone, when speaks his homework help with essays wife, one contempt and hatred. The wife ignorant and uncooperative and refuses allow her husband placed in an institution.