Scraping in the throat, when smoking his usual tobacco.

Thirst, with dryness in the mouth.

Little appetite, for several days. No appetite, for three weeks.

Little appetite, although relishes his food.

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Satiety the whole day. Slight appetite the food tastes naturally, but repugnant him, and eating makes him feel uncomfortable.

Indifference sweet things.

Repugnance fruit, especially plums. Repugnance food, with feeling hunger. Feeling hunger in the stomach, but no appetite. Hunger, early rising.


help writing an essay Desire buy psychology papers nibble. He soon hungry again, after having eaten moderately only but if eats research paper writer online a quantity, experiences great uneasiness and indolence afterwards.

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Several symptoms seem abate during dinner. help writing thesis statements He attacked with heat when eating or drinking. Symptoms after dinner feels worn out, faintish, uneasy from constant urging stool, and feeling anxiety in the lumbar region feels very narrative essay help warm and uneasy, and a kind pressure in the right side, over the stomach great laziness and dread labour feels as if had a gauze before his eyes pressure upon the bladder suppressed eructations, with subsequent spasmodic contractive pain at the stomach. Gastric Symptoms. Eructations air, with sensation in the region the stomach, as if the air were forcing its way painfully through this causes a feeling soreness in those parts, which afterwards succeeded tasteless online proofreading and editing eructations. Incessant eructations. Eructations from the afternoon best essay college application essay editing services website until late at night, preventing him from falling asleep. Empty eructations wake him from his sleep early in the morning. Empty eructations with insipid taste and collection water in the mouth, without nausea. Violent eructations, with pressure at the stomach, as if a stone were rising and then falling down again.