When are confronted with the facts the case, however, find that the discharge rate from our best mental hospitals only slightly greater than the death rate. We speak all too glibly regarding the preventability and curability mental disease.

Important as may maintain an optimistic and enthusiastic attitude this subject, far more the point just at this time face the problem as really exists and provide for some practical solution. The development out-patient clinics must necessarily need help with research paper limited the personnel are able obtain, and are confronted with the fact that neuropsychiatrists, nurses, and social workers exist in numbers that are in no way commensurate with the demands. It therefore behooves in drawing any plans for the future that are at all extensive, consider not only the problem training personnel, but that making the most what already have. I know no way in which the state can more care for the mental health its citizens than well organized out-patient clinics.

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Not only they provide for the treatment the maximum number patients at the minimum cost, but they bring the patient into contact with the psychiatrist and his organization during the early and incipient stages disease.

help me with my paper Assistance made available at a time when treatment most hopeful, and when the patient still capable realizing his own needs.

Treatment given in a manner that makes acceptable and compatible with the patient's social and economic obligations.

It permits him carry his work during his rehabilitation and continue dwell in the community, in the environment in which must manage live if play a part in the social scheme things.

He learns carry his hurden, not laying need help with thesis down and retiring an artificial environment, but developing new methods meeting difficulties, minimizing waste effort, permitting some one else help in eliminating irritating environmental factors, and thereby overcoming worry and anxiety that are out all proportion the situation. Whatever the solution may if achieved without hospitalization, much has been accomplished for the individual and for the state.

This fact being appreciated dissertation editor more and more, and the out-patient clinic becoming a pivot point from which preventive medicine, in far as relates the mental hygiene the community, radiated.

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Ministers, teachers, judges, probation officers, physicians, and lawyers are turning daily the psychiatrist for advice in regard the problems human conduct.

But should not satisfied with waiting for them seek him out must penetrate and become part If consider the out-patient department as the hub the wheel, the spokes will represent avenues comnmnication with the general hospitals, the schools, the courts, the various social agencies, industrial concerns, and the state hospitals. To a very large extent, patients pour in from these various organizations and receive their examinations and treatments at the clinic. On the other hand, the out-patient organization should sufficiently mobile permit one or more members its staff become temporarily part any health movement that being carried even though may quite independent the organization ghostwriter help in writing paper service with which the out-patient department connected. Nothing except lack time should hinder the psychiatrist from entering the school, the factory, the store, or the settlement house, and establishing a sub-unit that will greatly facilitate the work, rendering this service in a way that will acceptable the organization in question. At the Out-patient Department the Boston Psychopathic Hospital, havt physician attached the schools, another article rewriter interested in two different clinics for children the pre-school age, another in a health movement that being carried out in East Boston, and two more who act as examiners RESULTS AND FUTURE OPPORTUNITIES IN CLINICS the criminal insane, all these physicians being buy custom thesis connected ctly the clinic itself. Such close cooperation between out-patient clinic and the other organizations that serve has the advantage conserving personnel and perSg the various members the staff participate in the SESSi community problems, giving the physician a broader vision and the community valuable service. The metoi communication between the hospitals and clinics aud those whom they assistance the social-service department. The out patieni depa tot without a well organized, intelligently proofreading essays equipped, smoothlv running machine aid the psychiatrist the economic, social, and educational needs the patient doomed failure. It opinion that too much importance has been attached the iecessitv drawing a sharp line demarcation between the duties the psychiatrist and those the social worker Too much time and attention have been given lebating whether this worker shall a nurse a Wier a. nllpo-p oraduate I not mean this minimize trie S Seeting personnel for this type service with latest care, for the tasks at hand require a nice uidg nfwith a keen sense social values and an unbiased mind that interprets situations, not from a moral, but Zl aTcial point ofview. Resourcefulness and dipWcy an interest in humanity and humanity's problem.