Weight and dulness the head, with pressure the sagittal suture, as if were intoxicated. Weight the head, as if some vacillating body were which presses in the direction the head turned, forwards or backwards, etc.

Pressure in the brain, from behind forwards. Pressure in the left side the occiput, passing the side the head. Pressure in both sides the head from within outwards.

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Intense compressive headache in the left temple and behind the ears, more violent when walking or shaking the head, less when writing dissertation sitting. college research paper writers Pressure over the greater portion the brain from without inwards.

Pressure in the brain in one place the sinciput from above downwards, as if a stone. Violent pressure custom essay order in the forehead, downwards upon the eyes, which then begin rim. Aching in the temples, especially the left.

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Sharp aching above the root the nose.

Tearing with pressure in the left temple. Violent, drawing pressure in the brain under the forehead, increased when retching.

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Drawing headache, as if would extend into the temples, at noon the pain seems decrease in the open air, and when lying best site to find essays down. Stupefying drawing pain here and there in business writing service the brain, in the ear and nape the neck. Tearing headache in the forehead, for some seconds, after stooping and raising the head again. Tearing, pulsative pain in the forehead.

Throbbing pain in the fore head, early in the morning, when rising. Stooping excites a throbbing pain in the forehead. He feels the pulsations the arteries in the occiput, afterwards Scalp Tension the whole scalp, which makes the hair feel painful. Itching below the left temple, commencing with writing the thesis a fine stinging. Cold feeling at a small place the expert writing services left side the head, a few inches above the ear. EyeSi Tingling behind the upper lid, especially the left eye. Slight swelling the upper left eyelid reading fatigues the eye. Twitching the lower right eyelid.