Distent ion the abdomen, painful painless, after a meal, relieved leaning the back against something repletion in the epigastrium, with pinching inflation the abdomen every morning, succeeded emissions flatulence rumbling as flatulence the flatulenca passes upwards and occasions eructations emission a quantity flatulenco after rumbling emission fetid flatulence. In the right groin pain as if sprained when stooping burning or stitches in tho inguinal regions swelling the glands digging and burning in the inguinal cavity, which excited even the least touch.

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Weakness the abdominal muscles ulcer above tho Constipation, with pains in the abdomen ineffectual urging tenesmus as in dysentery, with burning and pressing in the anus and rectum. Unperceived involuntary discharges fioccs.

Diurrh at night, or renewed after eating or drinking violent, with frequent, homework help writing story discharges with tenesmus with colic with vomiting with great weakness with thirst alternating with constipation. Evacuations burning, accompanied with violent colic papesccnt vcllow, watery, scanty dark-grccn, consisting mucus, or mucus mixed with fecal matter slimy, sometimes scanty or liquid tenacious, bilious whitish greenish, dark-brown, diarrhoeic, smelling like putrid ulcers putrid black, burning and acrid, with uneasiness and pain in the abdomen undigested expulsion a lump resembling undigested tallow, and mixed with tendinous substances thesis writing help bloody evacuations, with vomiting and excessive colic. Dysenteric diarrhoea cliarrhoea during dentition during smallpox.

Before stool cutting in the abdomen, and sensation as if the contents the abdomen cheap essay writers became twisted sensation as if the abdomen would burst colic. During stool tenesmus and burning the anus and rectum painful contraction above the anus, in the direction the small the back.

After stool cessation the colic, burning in the rectum, with great weakness and trembling dragging pain around the umbilicus paper writing service distention the abdomen palpitation the heart, and tremulous weakness, obliging him lie down.

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The rectum pressed out spasmodically, with great pain remains protruded, after haemorrhage from the anus.

Itching the anus, with a feeling roughness, and with soreness as if the parts were excoriated soreness when touching the parts burning, which sometimes relieved after the expulsion hard, knotty stool. The haemorrhoids are swollen and painful, with tenesmus blind haemorrhoids, with burning stinging varices, which burn like fire, particularly at night, hindering sleep, with stinging pain in the day-time, particularly when walking, less when lying down expulsion pieces mucus, with tenesmus, cutting in the anus as blind haemorrhoids. Corrosive itching the perineum, Urinary Organs. Paralysis the bladder retention urine, as if the bladder were paralyzed, with great urging urinate suppression the secretion urine. Frequent urging urinate, with burning with emission a quantity urine at night, obliging him rise frequently.

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Involuntary micturition, even at night during sleep diminished discharge urine, with burning scanty, dark-yellow urine increased, copious, and sometimes burning hot urine the urine almost colourless excessively turbid greenish dark brown, turbid when leaving the bladder, writing phd thesis and not becoming clear standing urine depositing a slimy sediment.

Painful, difficult micturition strangury. Hematuria. During micturition burning, sometimes at the commencement only contractive pain in the left groin. After micturition experiences a feeling weakness in the epigastrium, with trembling. Biting and tearing in Male Sexual Organs Itching the parts burning the prepuce during an erection stinging itching the margin the prepuce, the glans, corrosive itching the penis, obliging him scratch. Inflammation and swelling the genital organs, excessively painful gangrenous the glans swollen, blue and red, with rhagades swelling the scrotum. Erysipelatous inflammation the scrotum chimney-sweeps.? Nocturnal emissions, with or without lascivious dreams sometimes followed continuous erections. Discharge prostatic fluid during a diarrhoeic stool.