Discolouration the CrCIlCral Symptoms.

Pains in the wlwle body, excessive, intolerable, in every position the body, mostly in the evening excessively disagreeable, painful feeling illness in all the limbs after riding horseback feels pains in the whole trunk, particularly in the small the back and back numb pain in one half the body beating in all the limbs, even in the head drawing, from the abdomen into the head, with beating and tearing in the head, followed lancinations in the left side from without inwards, which recur at intervals beating, drawing and sticking in the back, small the back and thighs, at night. Attacks illness during a sedentary occupation attacked with restlessness in the body, obliging him rise and walk in the evening, experiences a pressure and a pushing in his head, accompanied with loss appetite, evanescent sweat and anguish anxiety with languor, inability collect one's senses, reeling sensation and difficulty attending all his business. Attacks hysteric weakness.

Fainting fits violent, deep with weak pulse with vertigo and swelling the face early in the morning, with anxiety. General rapid sinking strength excessive debility particularly the lower limbs, knees, hands and feet, which are trembling as from want food when walking ever little lameness weakness with inability take even a few steps without sinking, particularly previous vomiting setting weakness obliging him lie down, with inability leave the bed feels stronger when lying down, and sometimes falls down suddenly when rising, with vertigo and aggravation the headache weakness, with dropping the lower jaw, sunken, extinct eyes and open mouth with profuse sweat, vomiting and hematuria. Emaciation, marasmus, consumption sometimes accompanied with fever with livid face, blue margins around the eyes, great debility, want disposition anything and constant desire lie down atrophy children, with tympanitis and glandular swellings.

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Spasms tetanic spasms convulsions, with frightful contortion the limbs, or else the convulsions may excited violent pains in the bottom the feet.

Epileptic fits with burning in the stomach and spinal mai row, with sensation as if the paroxysm commenced in the spinal marrow, and moved thence behind the ears and into the brain, after which the patient becomes giddy and falls down with loss consciousness or else the paroxysms commence with beating about with the arms, and end with a jerk through the whole body during the paroxysm, the patient lying like a dead person, pale but warm, his thumbs are clenched, his fists are turned and fro, the arms are slowly drawn and down, his mouth distorted, and the breathing has become imperceptible. Trembling the limbs particularly when write my book report walking with sweat in the face in drunkards. Stiffness and immobility the limbs particularly the knees and feet with violent tearing pains custom essay writing canada paralysis, particularly the lower limbs, sometimes accompanied with loss sensation contraction limbs.

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Diseases the mucous membranes and chronic blennorrhea dropsical complaints scrofidom affections. Complaints arising from abuse China or Iodine from drinking wine from cold and wet. Arthritic and rheumatic pains and complaints drawing and tearing, particularly in the limbs, with inability lie the affected part and diminution the pains when moving the affected part tearing in the bones burning, particularly in the interior the affected parts burning-corrosive pains pain in the affected part as if the bone were swollen and interstitially distended, or as if Characteristic Peculiarities. Arsenic especially suitable melancholy, but also nervous and even choleric temperaments also females. The pains wake one particularly before midnight they are felt at night while sleeping the pains seem intolerable, drive one despair and frenzy they appear periodically, and are particularly apt recur every day or every fourtla day. The paroxysms pain are frequently accompanied with secondary complaints, such as shuddering coldness chills with subsequent thirst heat in the face and body humming in the ears anguish excessive failing strength, and inability remain The pains come principally in the evening after lying down after midnight early in the morning after rising when sitting or lying down after dinner. Aggravation after dinner from the conversation other persons when sitting or lying down, when the pains become intolerable.

Amelioration when standing and when moving the affected part walking about, particularly the pains which come at night the application warmth by compression the affected part. The bodies those who have been poisoned with Arsenic, generally exhibit two opposite conditions either they resist putrefaction for a long ti?ne and finally look like mummies, or else they decay rapidly at first Arsenic seems indeed promote putrefaction, but after awhile putrefaction arrested according the experience some observers, bodies that have been poisoned suddenly large doses Arsenic, decay rapidby bodies that have been poisoned slowly small doses, become dry like mummies. In some cases bodies which decayed slowly, had not become very livid, even the third day after example dissertation death there was an entire absence cadaverous cheap dissertation help spots, no trace putrefaction anywhere, no very offensive essay about helping someone in need smell corruption opening the abdominal cavity, and a complete absence or only a moderate rigidity in some cases, however, the body soon became rigid, the muscles lost their hritability, the fingers and toes were violently contracted and bent backwards, and the mouth was tightly closed. As respects the mummy-like desiccation bodies which were disinterred a long time after death, the following appearances have generally been discovered offensive smell the body, like old cheese parchment-like dryness the skin like that a mummy brown mahogany colour the skin, especially dark-brown colour the face and abdomen gray, leather-like, indurated skin having a stiff and firm feel peculiar toughness and hardness the cutis offering the same resistance the knife as the crust an old cheese. The adipose tissue transformed into a mass resembling lard or cheese. Striking toughness and dryness the muscles which have preserved their shape and look only a little paler than the muscles a recent subject. Destruction the soft parts the nose.