Pain. round about both lungs, as if constricted with a sharp wire. Burning sensation in the right half the chest, more towards the outer than the inner side. Chronic pneumonia.? Pituitous and spasmodic Back. Burning pain, with stitches, in the small the back, while sitting. content writing services company Pain across the spinal column, from one brim the pelvis the other, as if the flesh were torn and pulled towards the outer side, in tearing jerks, when walking. Painful lameness in the back, as if bruised, disappearing when lying down. Pain, as from bruises, in the back.

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Dull stitches below the scapulae. Pain, as from contusion or a bruise, along the inner border the right scapula, especially when touching the scapula, or in moving from without inwards. Pain the left side the nape the neck, as if a bundle online assignment writing services muscular fibres had been strained violent exertions the pain afterwards extends over the head and shoulders.

Painful lameness in one the muscles the nape the neck, as if the parts were bruised when moving them.

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Sensation in the muscles the nape the neck, as if a cravat were tied round too tightly, and as if the parts were pressed upon a blunt edge. Feeling weight about the neck, and sensation college application essay services as if the muscles were compressed a cravat.

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Spasmodic contraction the left cervical muscles, accompanied a visible flexion the head towards the left side. Violent tearing stitches in both shoulders, in motion essay writing help online and Superior Extremities.

Sudden dull pain in the axillary glands.

Pressure in the left axilla, as with a rough piece wood. Itching, as if caused a flea-bite, at a place below the right axilla, in front.

Pain as from a sprain in the shoulder, when moving the arm. Contractive, tensive pain the deltoid muscle, when laying the hand upon the table, or when leaning the tablev Lameness in the arm. He feels exhausted when his arm lies the table online paper writers feels how to edit an essay no pain when the arm hangs down. Tearing, with lameness, in the left arm, in whatever position placed. Drawing, with painful lameness in the left wrist-joint. Sudden drawing and burning pain, extending from the wristjoint through the thumb and the index-finger.