Erie County, especially Buffalo, unusually well supplied with neuropsychiatries. Outside those who are the medical staffs the two state hospitals, there are private practice at least ten psychiatrists, or neudoguta interested in psychiatry, seven whom haye had nte-hospita exDerience They are available phd personal statement writing service lot work a Eee basis, but fal.

as they can spar, the time, public institutions.

Son, are the medical staff the Buffalo City Hospital and others are employed part time a small-salary basis the department health for psychiatric work. Agencies Existing Outside the County. The following institutions in New York State outside Erie County which are rendering or may render service children the county should especially mentioned, as some them care particularly for mentally defective persons, and there as a rule a high percentage atypical children in institutions the types represented the others.

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State School for the Blind, at Batavia, has some children from Erie County the exact number was not ascertained.

The superintendent writes that all newly admitted pupils are given psj chometric tests, and that once every year or two a psychologist visits the school and further examines doubtful cases for possible mental deficiency.

Children who are found such low mentality as unable profit the advantages the scho are sent home or transferred institutions for I feebleminded. Occasionally a case epilepsy observed. The Jewish Orphan Home, at Rochester, has children from Erie County. Only in a small proportion cases have psychometric tests been made. The annual report states that occasionally delinquenl or feebleminded children are admitted there, although contrary the declared policy the institution receive them.

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When a child discovered have a marked mental abnormality, they try dispose either discharge or transfer an institution for the feebleminded. CHILD MENTAL HYGIENE IN ERIE COUNTY In order formulate recommendations for the more purposeful utilization existing facilities and resources the county for the work mental hygiene among children and for the help write a thesis statement creation new facilities required round out the existing organizations, necessary, first all, determine upon a general plan mental-hygiene activities as the goal.

Work in the Schools. It would seem highly desirahle introduce in the schools the systematic practice group tests intelligence. On the basis these tests and also the basis retardation in school work, anomalies behavior, and evidences nervous or mental custom essay org disease, children may selected for individual examination.

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Perhaps the next step would provide for individual psychometric tests in all cases thus selected. The third step would investigate the home conditions in each case and secure full anamneses with the aid psychiatric social workers. These investigations and anamneses, together with the general medical examinations that school children receive, homework essay help should form a basis for explaining pay academic writing help center you to write my essay such phenomena as retardation, truancy, unruliness, and forth. The final step would an examination the data already collected and each atypical child individually a trained psychiatrist, which should lead a diagnosis and recommendations for the treatment and disposition i need an essay written for me the case. The school system should further develop its facilities, such as special classes, trained personnel, and forth, for carrying out the recommendations resulting from investigations. Work With Children Not in the Schools. For children who come attention reason nervous or mental disorders developing before or after school age and for those who come attention reason dependency or delinquency, provision should made for investigation along lines similar those outlined above for school children.