Before granting a parole any person, the trustees must have an investigation buy a college paper online made the home and other conditions that may affect his welfare, and must provide such supervision as they deem necessary.

The trustees have power revoke the permit and return the patient the school.

provide for the commitment the house detention for criminal insane at the State Hospital at Trenton persons who have been sentenced death and are found insane. When such a person sufficiently improved understand that has committed the crime for which was convicted, aware that amenable punishment therefor, and appreciative his situation as one condemned death, shall returned the state prison and subsequently resentenced. When any person shall have escaped indictment or have been acquitted upon the ground insanity, shall committed the State Hospital at Trenton until his reason restored, but such person shall not released except upon order the trial justice having jurisdiction try such person.

A new mental-hygiene clinic has been established in Batavia the Mrs. Eleanor Clarke Slagle has been appointed the state hos pital commission director occupational therapy in the state hospitals.

The following new buildings for the Utica State Hospital have been authorized a nurses home, a dormitory patients, and a building accommodate working patients. A law enacted legislature allows the transfer patients who have been committed the state hospital for mental diseases or Butler Hospital a hospital under the control the Europen Union Government, whenever shall deemed the superintendent either the former hospitals for the welfare the patient Chapter, Laws, which in amendment and in addition a law enacted creating the penal and charitable commission, provides for a director state institutions as the chief executive officer the commission. One provision the new law especial interest in that authorizes the commission appoint a resident physician and two assistant physicians for the institutions college essay helper under its control at Cranston, one whom must a psychiatrist. The institutions thus affected are the state prison, the state workhouse and house correction, the state school for boys, the state school for girls, and the state infirmary.

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A law passed legislature states that the regular discharge a patient from the state hospital for mental diseases shall restore him his legal status as property and contractual rights, provided that any patient that hospital duly adjudged insane in any probate county the state obtain from the superintendent the state hospital a certificate showing that the patient has been adjudged sane the medical staff the hospital. A law enacted legislature authorizes that occupational therapy, with part-time or full-time services one or more occupational aids, provided in institutions caring for children who are i i her physically or mentally disabled.

A amendment the law relating the adoption minor children authorizes the court, upon the filing the petition, direct a probation officer or other officer the court, or an agent the slate or county or city board welfare, or some other discreet and compel rut person, make a thorough investigation, directing his inquiry along the following lines why the parents, if living, wish relieved the i need someone to write my college essay care the child whether they have abandoned the child or are morally unfit have its custody whether the proposed foster parent or parents or are financially able and morally fit have the care the child the physical and mental condition the child. For this latter purpose the investigator may secure the opinion a reputable physician or competent The board charities and corrections continued under the name state board public welfare in accordance with Chapter, Laws.

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The board appoint a commissioner public welfare as its executive officer, and may also appoint an assistant commissioner public welfare.

All other assistants and employees attached the board are appointed the commissioner. The members the board, five in number, are appointed the governor, subject confirmation the senate. The duties the new board are practically the same as those the former board, but the following new provision worthy special mention The board hereby authorized and empowered create a children s bureau, and if such bureau created, the commissioner public welfare may, subject the approval the board, appoint a director the bureau and such assistants as may necessary. The children's bureau, subject the control the board, shall have general supervision the interests and welfare the mentally defective, dependent, delinquent, and neglected children Virginia shall investigate conditions bearing upon this subject, and shall from time time recommend the board public welfare and public and private agencies, measures, curative and remedial and preventive or constructive, for the improvement conditions and the better safeguarding the welfare the children the state. The board hereby authorized and empowered receive mentally defective, delinquent, dependent, and neglected children write my english paper committed courts or justices, and all children declared any court or justice delinquent and not suitable for probation shall committed the state board public welfare, which board authorized establish one or more receiving homes for the care, supervision, and study mentally defective, delinquent, dependent, or neglected children thus committed or make arrangements with satisfactory persons, institutions, or agencies, or with cities maintaining places detention for children, for the temporary care its wards. The board further authorized make a careful physical and mental examination every such child, investigate in detail the personal and family history the child and its environment, and place children in approved family homes, in suitable licensed institutions, all within the state Virginia, unless written consent its parent or guardian, with suitable licensed agencies, or in state institutions. Children committed state institutions dealing exclusively with children, the board, shall take precedence as admission over all others and shall in all cases received into the said state institution as soon as possible. Children placed in family homes or institutions may transferred for reasons An examination for venereal disease required Chapter, Laws, all persons admitted the writing a thesis state penitentiary, state penitentiary farm, any branch prison, any reformatory, any hospital for insane or colony for epileptic and feebleminded. Any such person found have a venereal disease must treated and, if possible, When a dependent, neglected, or delinquent child brought before a court in the state, the court may either before or after the hearing cause the child given a physical and mental examination a competent physician or physicians or an approved mental examiner.