Perhaps this the proper place refer the uncontrolled and often incompetent psychometric work that done in many essay on helping poor people places.

It would seem the proper function the european Psychological Association decide upon standards requirements for the various kinds psychometric work that has done. Those engaged in this work should able show that application essay editing they have conformed such standards and should thereupon officially certified a proper committee the association, the certification specifying whether for administering group tests, or for paying someone to write a paper individual tests in the capacity assistant, or for independent work as professional psychologist. Courses offered the universities, colleges, and normal schools should planned with a view meeting.

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Increased Institutional Accommodations Needed. Very often the recommendations that result from a psychiatric study a child cannot carried out account lack necessary facilities.

Some the special needs have already been discussed. The most urgent are a new institution for the feebleminded in the Avestern part the state New York, perhaps in Erie County, and the establishment more special classes for atypical children in the public schools.

It should noted in this connection that, as far as parochial schools are concerned, the Lockwood l-aw not mandatory, but. Psychiatric Service for Rural Areas.

The greatest obstacles in the way organizing special classes are encountered in rural parts the county. The chief improvements will probably come through the combination school districts referred but even then rural schools will still a a disadvantage in comparison with urban schools, assignment writers in usa for the reason that one school, even if a large one, cannot organize special bureaus like those carried the department education a large city. While a larger rural school can develop personnel for group testing, individual testing, psychiatric social work, and teaching special classes, cannot readily secure the phd thesis consultant services trained In order help rural areas, and especially rural schools, meet the need for trained psychiatric service, organization an itinerant mental clinic recommended.

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This has already been referred and its general plan described. Information secured from neuropsychiatrists practicing in and around Buffalo indicates that some, if not all, would willing accept positions the staff such an itinerant clinic and thus relieve the state hospitals some extent the burden carrying However, such a clinic should under the control the state hospitals, just as the fixed clinics are, in order insure proper supervision, paraphrasing quiz standards, records, and reports.

It should, course, conform the plans and procedure for the medical examination school children, especially in far as they relate itinerant consultation or.

Organization for Continuing Work.

The next recommendation deals with the problem organizing and controlling mental-hygiene work in the county, especially among children, as secure for the highest measure efficiency with the least expenditure energy and resources. There should some agency for coordinating the mentalhygiene work the schools the city and the rural parts the county, orphan asylums, children's courts and justices courts, the Children's Aid Society, the board child welfare, the two state hospitals, the department health the city Buffalo, the department hospitals and dispensaries, lie office the county superintendent the poor, and neuropsychiatrists in private practice. In order bring this about, would perhaps best organize an Brie County committee lor mental custom essay writing cheap hygiene as a committee the Erie County health council. To this committee mighl belong public-spirited citizens and, officio. officials who are concerned with the education, management, and control children, including not only heads large departments, but also representatives such groups as the school teachers, nurses, social workers, physicians, psychologists, probation officers, justices the peace, and overseers This committee should have a carefully selected executive board and should have as one its objectives the organization, the help book essay through paid workers, a complete program mentalhygiene work in each part the county, as part the general The objects this committee should carefully formulated, and among its functions should that furnishing scholarships enable teachers, nurses, and others take special courses training provided universities and colleges in extension teaching and summer sessions. It also should one its functions hold from time time meetings, not only for its own members, but open the public, at which important subjects in mental hygiene should discussed competent authorities in a way educational. Research. In general, the most obvious need for the development mental hygiene among children one that did not require a survey bring light that organizing research for increasing our knowledge the mental disorders Although psychiatry has made great strides in the last twenty-five or thirty years, this part has not kept pace Owing the fact that any mental disorder occurring in childhood, no matter what its nature, apt act as an obstacle development in intelligence, the tendency has become prevalent diagnose almost all cases as mental deficiency.