The hair painful when touching the scalp, feels painful as from subcutaneous ulceration burning the part which touched contractive pain creeping in the occiput as if the roots the hairs were in motion violent pain in the left temple and side the forehead, with weeping and moaning, intolerance contact, and a brownish-red spot the left frontal eminence which had a black tip in the middle.

Swetting the head and face excessive.

Corrosive, burning itching the hairy scalp, as if ulcerated pimples covered with scurf, and painful as if ecchymozed when touched innumerable red pimples pustules with burning pain, the scalp and face pimples filled with a bloody water, the forehead and temples, with painful soreness after friction spreading ulcers and suppurating crusts the hairy scalp, as far as the middle the forehead tinea capitis, with swelling the cervical and Eyes.

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Pain, deep in the cyo, with violent stitches when moving the eyeball pains which oblige him lie down aggravated moving the eyes, the light pain in the eye as if sand had become lodged in the eye in the upper part the left eyeball and lid, worse when looking pain under the right eye, at night, with anguish which does not allow him remain in his bed. Tearing in the eyes throbbing in the eyes, after midnight, every throb being accompanied with a stitch drawing pain with twitching the lids jerking in the left eye.

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Stinging burning in the ej-es itching burning, around the eyes and temples, as red-hot needles corrosive itching in the eyes, obliging thesis statement help research paper him rub them burning in the eyes, and in the upper margin.

Ophthalmia violent, with intense redness inflammation the conjunctiva and sclerotica, with dark redness and congestion the vessels best writing services reviews scrofulous inflammation the eyes rheumatic inflammation? arthritic? catarrhal inflammation from having been standing in the water. Specks and ulcers the cornea.

Violent swelling the lids inflammatory cedematous swelling the eyes close and swell in consequence soft swelling uftdcr the left eye, obliging the eye close.

Yellowness the sclerotica, as in jaundice faint, protruded, staring eyes, without lustre, and turned upwards staring, wild look. Contracted pupils. Dryness the lids, especially the margins, with pain when moving them, as if the eye were rubbed the lids. Lachrymation, the eyes water profusely the tears are acrid and corrosive. Nightly agglutination. The eyes close as from weariness spasmodic closing the eyes, especially when looking into the light tremor the upper lids, with lachrymation. Photophobia excessive the snow dazzles the eyes, they water. Weakness sight dirnsightedness as through white gauze does not recognize the persons around him vibrations light before the eyes and obscuration sight his complexion be comes yellow during the attack nausea sparks, white spots or points before the eyes i need help writing my narrative i need help with my essay essay almost complete blindness, with dulness sense. EaFSo Dragging pain in the ears cramp-pain in the outer ear tearing in the ears, drawing tearing in the left lobule and behind the ear as far as the neck and shoulder, drawing with sticking in the write my essay for me left ear from within outwards, in the evening stinging in the ear, early in the morning tickling in the right ear, obliging him rub crawling in both ears burning the outer ear, in the evening. Sensation as if the left ear had been stopped inserting something into the ear hardness hearing, as if the ear were stopped the ear becomes closed during deglutition does not understand people deafness. Roaring in the ears, particularly during the paroxysms pain noise as rushing water tingling, also in the head singing in the right ear, when sitting. Pain in the root the nose stitches in the bone burning in the nose swelling the nose, with pain the touch hard tumor in the nose scaling off the epidermis cancer the nose. Violent bleeding from the nose during a fit ill-humour after vomiting. Ulcerated condition the nostrils, high in the nose, with discharge fetid and bitter-tasting ichor. At times smell as pitch, at times as sulphur before his nose. Frequent, continued sneezing.