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The elder boy, aged three, has a stormy temper and constantly fighting with the younger child, has a finicky appetite, and underweight. He sucked his thumb until recently, but was cured this habit his mother's burning the thumb a red-hot stove. The younger purchase research paper online child, when disertation becomes a little boisterous in his play, forcibly and roughly set down like a bag meal a chair. This treatment makes him cry rebelliously fast custom essays whereupon a crust bread thrust into his mouth as a pacifier and silencer. This child, aged twenty months, does not yet talk beyond saying papa and Case. The G family are europeans, living in squalor in three dark rooms. The father a longshoreman the mother has just been delivered her sixth child. Three the children are undernourished and anaemic and coughing constantly.

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All lack initiative, and are shy, silent, and inert. They look as if they had never smiled. They are utterly unresponsive. They are said very good and give no trouble. The three-year-old evidently mentally retarded and apparently has defective eyesight.

She slow Such a family as this need very special care and insight. The outlook at best but poor, yet with better hygiene these children may self-supporting as adults instead a burden upon the state, as they bid fair if present conditions are Case.

custom college papers The one saving thing essay writers wanted in the previous household was the arrival Mary H, who lives in the tenement upstairs.

She reads the lifeless G children.

Mary a talkative, buy essay papers websites to type papers aggressive child eleven years, eager tell all about her family. She savs she professional editing services nervous and that she dreams and cries out in her sleep. She bites her nails, especially when she reads in school. Mother hollers and scolds and best dissertation service tries stop dissertation help uk but I can't stop. Her younger sister Martha ten years old, and she always daydreaming. She sits still and never says a word, and then all a sudden says I dreamed And then she tells a long make-believe dream. Robert, aged four, has terrible tantrums.