Direct inns for the more mechanical aspects the work such as recording use charts, order arrangements, and the like-are very specific This can hardly said the sections such topics as family history, which, although they give information gathered concerning even remotely distant relatives, offer very little definite suggestion as the specific qualities for which one inquire.

It evident that the work this research bureau exceedingly thorough.

Many sources are canvassed and a vast amount data withered To the reviewer does not seem altogether clear that once gathered', this data focused upon the problem delinquency Much surely, not relevant in relation the actual problem that the individual presents, although should furnish ultimately remarkably fine material for scientific investigation subjects biological, psychological, and sociological. It stated that the goal answer the Question college essays help What should done for the propositus? But one hardly sees the relationship many the facts this question nor there seem always specific recommendations for the treatment the individual, if may where can i buy term papers judge from the case studies cited. The illustrative case histories included show clearly the industry and thoroughness the staff. It not often that facts are obtained one ruing five generations and ninety-seven individuals, all answer problem one defective lad.

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It seems altogether too bad that out this case material little should bear upon the problem SX Sht orthe intensive study the individual from many sources, the final discussion the case altogether inadequate and one might readily take issue with the interpretations made, especially concerning the probable cause delinquency.

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In no one the three cases given did the reviewer agree. Bnt whatever one may feel about the details, many which are after all only incidental the problem the volume as a whole, commendation and admiration are onee more due the progressive spirit oTthe Whittier State School and the laudable desire the research department standardise its work some attenl ion, especially at a time when the conservation a norma ate health becoming more interesting than the correction buy an original research paper the results disease.

An adequate book this subject much needed.

Whether or not the parent who desires the best for his child will find quite all that needs in this book, will surely admire Dr.

Maccarthy's ideals.

A city, says, no place for real living-. Rents are high that only large incomes can command an apartment or a house worthy called a home.

This statement near the beginning the term papers to dissertation abstracts buy book would likely cause a necessarily urban parent lose interest at once. In the country there space, less confusion, and greater safety. Less supervision needed where are large yards, fields, and trees. It buy an essay cheap hardly possible disagree with the writer at such points. We agree with him when says, Now if ever the time for life out doors, plenty wholesome food, careful training, and long nights refreshing sleep. We would agree with him also if had merely said that healthful conditions and good care are what the child needs from two seven, but would hardly have felt that the reiteration such truisms would constitute scientific grounds for a book for anxious parents. It plain that Dr. Maccarthy a parent. He speaks with considerable affect in places. There no doubt that mothers and fathers sacrifice much for their children, and because the little folks in their own home, feel tenderly toward all children. This tenderness, goes say, in a not very original manner, not enough.