The fact that in the midst the selfsame experiences one soldier remains well while another becomes a neurotic may, far as experience goes, very well connected with the psychosexual constellation the particular individual.

Ernest Jones, in his paper, in which attempts harmonize the facts brought out the war with Freud's theory the neuroses, expresses views more or less similar those Ferenczi and Abraham. He frankly admits that Freud's theory has not yet been proved true in the case the war neuroses.

This, however, quite another matter from saying that has been disproved.

The matter at present sub judice and must remain until sufficiently extensive investigations shall have settled the question one way or the other. However, although nothing yet proved, the psychoanalyst should able formulate some tentative conception the relation between the phenomena commonly observed academic writing services for graduate students in the war neuroses and the essay introduction help psychoanalytical theory. He here undertakes formulate such a There in all a conflict between the conscious ego the one side and various impulses and desires the other, out which, after a series partial renunciations and compromises, an adjustment some sort reached.

In warfare new conditions and new standards conduct obtain impulses previously held in check impulses cruelty, for example are released, and a new adjustment therefore becomes necessary. When the old adjustment term someone write my essay for me paper custom between the ego-ideal and the repressed impulses taken away, may prove impossible establish a fresh one the new conditions, and i In i the repressed impulses will find expression in some form Bu aside from this question war adaptation, have also that fear.

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The latter hardly regarded as a sub-group the former, inasmuch as there no readjustment or transvaluation values concerned, as there typically with the former. The moral attitude toward Eear and the conflicts arising in connection with remain the same in war as in peace.

How, then, this fear explained? The reaction external danger consists normally a mental state fear.. and in various activities suited the occasion flight, concealment, defense fighting, or even sometimes attacking. On the affective side, there begin with, a state anxious preparedness and watchfulness, with its sensorial attentiveness and its motor tension. This clearly a useful mental state, but often goes further into a condition developed dread or terror which certainly the do essay writing services work very reverse useful, for not only paralyzes whatever action may suitable, but even inhibits the functioning the mind, that the person cannot judge or decide what ought best were able The whole reaction real fear thus seen consist two useful components and one need help for writing essay useless one, and just this useless one that most resembles in all its phenomena the condition morbid anxiety. Jones infers, therefore, that this useless component not part the useful biological mechanism defense, but an abnormal response akin the neurotic master's thesis help symptom Now practically all modern investigations into the pathogenesis morbid fear agree that stands in the closest relation with unsatisfied and repressed sexuality, and Freud has made the striking suggestion that the developed essay writing services recommendations dread sometimes found in situations real danger derived, not from the repressed sexual hunger that directed toward external objects, as in the morbid anxiety the peace neuroses, but from the narcissistic part the sexual hunger tbat attached the ego. Jones, therefore, ventures suggest that may here have the key the states terror with which are familiar in the war neuroses, and reaches the comforting conclusion that a normal man would entirely free from dread in the presence any danger however imminent, that would as One wonders how Dr.

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Jones would apply this theory dissertation abstract the facts animal psychology. We not infrequently see animals, horses for example, overcome terror which, as in the case men, certainly the reverse useful and which paralyzes whatever action may suitable. Would Dr. Jones explain this reaction the part a horse in the same way as does a similar reaction the part a man? Would regard the dread displayed the horse which not part the useful biological mechanism defense as due unsatisfied narcissistic hunger, and would reach the same comforting conclusion that a normal horse would entirely free from dread in the presence any danger however imminent, that would as fearless as Siegfried? The introduction, Freud himself, may logically considered custom college essay last, since in are summed the views expressed the other writers. Freud grants, as does Jones, that the sexual-hunger libido theory the neuroses has not essay writing on customer service been proved as regards the war neuroses, and also lays great stress the fact that neither has been disproved. He believes that there a correlation undoubtedly subsisting between shock, anxiety, and narcissistic sexual hunger libido. The theory the sexual etiology the neuroses as prefer call the sexual-hunger libido theory, was originally put forward only as regards the transference neuroses peace conditions, and can easily demonstrated in them using the analytic technique. But its application those affections which more recently have grouped together as the narcissistic neuroses meets with difficulties.