The reviewer must confess that a sense incredulity raised the nth power whenever hears the two lines descendants Martin Kallikak.

On the one hand, bred a family absolutely bad, and the other a family absolutely what is dissertation writing good. The whole story too good true. Nothing like seen anywhere else.

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Everywhere custom coursework writing service else one finds, instead, good people breeding bad people and community service essays bad people breeding good people.

Saints are descendants prostitutes and prostitutes are sprung from the loins saints, but not with Martin Kallikak. By marrying into a respectable family, had nothing but respectable descendants having illegitimate relationships with a feebleminded girl who made the diagnosis after a century had passed? had nothing but feebleminded and delinquents. If this story true, too exceptional any value.

Dr. Pernald's recent paper the descendants some his feebleminded show that they are quite capable breeding normal people, and any one who has had any clinical experience knows that feebleminded people appear without any definite known cause in the very best families, biologically speaking.

It far too early for make Mendelian laws for that group x's call feeblemindedness and that group more However, may said that Dr. Holmes does not quite swallow all that has been said this matter, but takes with a grain salt.

The only quarrel the reviewer has with him that should, instead, have taken with a ton salt. There a very interesting chapter the inheritance mental ability, based mainly upon the work Galton, but also that Woods and Davenport. His concluding paragraph interesting I quote part Great men, true, seem rise further than their source. Generally they come from ancestry considerably above mediocrity, and I venture express the opinion that a great man has never been produced parents subnormal mentality.

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A great man more apt rise if both parents are very superior ability than if one parent not above mediocrity. The author quotes, course, the cases that are well known the Darwin family, the Balfour family as examples families in which great mental ability was a persistent best writing service reviews quality. To the reviewer, these families seem the exception rather than the rule, and there are very few examples great ability persisting for more than one or two generations. To the reviewer seems that the great man a sport, a variation, and accounted for that basis rather than as an example true An exceedingly interesting series chapters deals with essay help toronto the birth rate and its decline. Here Dr. Holmes sure ground, for nobody can deny that the birth rate dropping, and furthermore no one can deny that the more successful limit their families more than the non successful. Whether or not that disparity will exist in another generation or two, when the knowledge birth control has spread throughout the community, an open question. The reviewer has watched the decline the birth rate amongst immigTant stocks and has found exceed that the native stocks only for a generation or two then the descendant the immigrant becomes thoroughly europeanized and has as small a family as his Anglo-Saxon compatriot. However, at the present time seems unquestionable that a rather serious biological fact contained in the observation that the birth rate those who seem the better human types much lower than those who seem the poorer human types.