Babysitter network

We are only responsible as an agency, please note our legal notices and information regarding data protection.

Legal notices

The babysitter network is a free and online offer by AStA from Münster University. It enables personal, voluntary, individual and direct contact between parents and potential babysitters. Contracts are made directly between these two parties; the website operator only provides the platform to facilitate the contact, does not initiate any kind of contract and does not become one of the contracting parties. She is not responsible for selecting or placing offers or for verifying and checking identities, reliability or suitability of the users and the accuracy and completeness of the provided information. She only checks on the plausibility of the provided information. The operator is not liable for any breaches of duty of the contracting parties. She assumes no liability for them.
The operator of the network reserves the right to change or delete parts of or the entire site, temporally or completely stop publications or exclude users from participating in the network at all times without separate announcement. The user is not entitled to the display of any specific content on the site.
Given that the liability of the operator is ruled out based on the regulations mentioned above, this also applies to any of her agents and organs.

Notice on data protection

In order to use the babysitter network, we collect, process and use personal data, obtained with your permission and submitted to us when you fill out the form to post a new offer or when filling out the contact form.
We use this data according to the data protection regulations, protect them from unauthorized access with technical and organizational measures and, subjected to the following provisions, do not forward them to third parties. You can always revoke your consent. The following information are accessible for other registered users: All of your entries used to create a new offer, excluding your date of birth and your e-mail address.
When accessing the babysitter network, cookies are placed on your computer and your access is then recorded via our webserver. At the same time, your browser will possibly save the transmitted information. You can prevent the placement of the cookies in your browser’s settings; this may affect the usability of the babysitter network.
We reserve the right to change the declaration.