Political Student Groups

At the Universtity of Münster there are many political student groups who stand for election and actively participate in shaping everyday life at uni throughout the semester.

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Campus Grün

Campus Green aims to represent all WWU students who care about the environment, social justice, open-mindedness, democratic participation, and queer feminism.

As a grassroots democratic list we take heed to do transparent political work and care for a fair and relaxed coexistence. With your help we want to support sustainability and justice for our uni: our plenary takes place every Tuesday at 8pm at Grünes Zentrum (Windthorststr. 7) and we are looking forward to seeing some new faces. You can also take a look at facebook.com/CampusGruenMuenster. Get involved!


Liberale Hochschulgruppe

As LHG we stand for liberal university politics at WWU. For us that means staying away from ideological debates and acting pragmatic, always keeping in mind the interests of students. AStA and student self-administration are there to manage your money responsibly and sensibly to make your studies easier wherever possible. That way you can concentrate on your academic career and personal goals. We are open for all students who identify with these ideals, regardless of their general political positioning. You are interested in learning more about the liberal student group and our work? We are happy to welcome you at our regular meetings (every Tuesday, usually at KSHG). If you want to learn more, you can also check our Facebook page, our instagram account or our website (www.facebook.com/LHG.Muenster/ , www.instagram.com/lhgmuenster/ und www.lhg-muenster.de). We are looking forward to meeting you!



The Juso group stands for a progressive, social and ecological upheaval at our uni and in society. With a clear vision and constant work in the committees we support equality, fair conditions for studying, affordable accommodation, university access for refugees, and an open, digital university. However, it is necessary to keep in mind: university politics should not be regarded in isolation. For that reason discussions about general political topics are welcome too.

We believe in a diverse and colourful university. And for that we need you and your ideas! During the semester we meet every Wednesday at 8pm at Bahnhofstraße 9 (4th floor). Anyone who wants to join is invited! You can find more information here: www.facebook.com/jusohsg.muenster  and here: http://www.jusohsg.de




As Association of Christian Democratic students, the basis for our work is our commitment to the free democratic constitutional structure. Our political conviction is guided by Christian democratic, conservative, and liberal values. We are independent but sympathize with organizations that have similar goals.

Our engagement in the StuPa, the Student Representatives’ Council and the senate aims to permanently improve study conditions and make sure that the WWU stays among the top universities. We focus on the internationality of our uni, competitive digital equipment, supporting student start-ups, and more co-operation with local businesses. Furthermore, we always take a critical look at how ASta makes use of students’ money.

We meet every Tuesday at 8.15pm at Fürstenberghaus and are always happy to see new faces!




More Love! You are sick of reading about redgreenyellowblackliberalconservativesocialecological university politics? You are welcome! The list Die LISTE regards itself as extreme middle: left and right from us can and shouldn’t be anything. To reach our goal of total power at WWU Münster, we count on you. We try improving your studies and thereby your life on all fronts. We do not only stand for transparent university politics or AStA ponies instead of vans, but also for the extension of the semester ticket to budget flights and taxis. Or did you ever wish to cuddle a bunny for half an hour, in a specifically designed cuddle room, before doing an exam? To put that and many more ideas into practice, we need you! After orientation week we designed a sneaky programme for first semester students. You can find more information on Facebook. Plenary takes place every Tuesday from 8pm, the location is announced via Facebook, usually it is at KSHG. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/listems/, Homepage: https://die-liste.net/muenster/, Twitter: twitter.com/dielistems, Instagram: instagram.com/dielistemuenster, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and anywhere you can find newspapers.



SDS.Die Linke (socialist-democratic student association) is a nationwide active student group and sees itself in radical opposition to neoliberal, anti-democratic, authoritarian developments and structures of society. We fight against cuts in social services, sexism, discrimination and exclusion as well as against war and the destruction of the environment. Consequently, we fight for a society that is not focused on profit and growth but one that lets everyone share its wealth. We do not only want to interpret the world, as an extraparliamentary opposition we want to take part in changing it for the better. That means that we are not only active on campus but also care for society as a whole. We organise demonstrations, educational activities, creative events, and are engaged with alliance work. Another world is possible, join in! We meet every Wednesday at 7pm at Linkes Zentrum (Achtermannstraße 19), directly at the main station.



Liste Shalom

We, the list Shalom, are the radically left-wing force at the University of Münster. Apart from our commitment to socialism, the fight against all forms of anti-Semitism are of vital importance to us. Since capitalism produces anti-Semitism as a wrong conviction, the fight against anti-semitism and anticapitalism go hand in hand. Moreover, feminism, inclusion, the fight against racism and anti-fascism matter to us.