In the summer term 2018, the FC takes place at 6pm in room VSH 05 in the building Vom-Stein-Haus, Schlossplatz 34, 48143 Münster.

Financial service

Financial Service Financial Department (accessible only in German)

Guideline Faculty Council Invoices (accessible only in German) 

Guideline Factuly Council Reimbursements (accessible only in German)

Reimbursement form (print on one side only) (accessible only in German)

Reimbursement form (print on both sides) (accessible only in German)

Useful Downloads

Guidelines Faculty Council Newsletter (only accessible in German)

Template Protocol Inaugural Meeting (only accessible in German)


Faculty Councils Portal Page

All useful documents and information for faculty councils are collected on this page.

All useful documents and information for faculty councils are collected on this page. You cannot find something that is relevant for your faculty council? Then please contact the Student Representatives’ Department.

Faculty Council Conference

The Faculty Council Conference (FC) is a meeting to discuss all issues surrounding the faculty councils’ day-to-day work as well as university politics in general. The FC serves as a platform to plan, coordinate and execute campaigns. It provides the faculty councils with an opportunity to connect with and help each other. In addition, you get an insight into the work of other faculty councils, of AStA and the university. The student advisors of the Student Representatives’ Department lead the board. At the moment, Lars Nowak, Moritz Flottmann, Patrick Parusel and Bettina Haas are the chairpersons of the department.


The FC has special funds at its disposal with money that is intended for campaigns of faculty councils incapable of financing parts of their expenses with their own resources. To receive the respective funds, a grant application must be made to the FC that needs to meet specific formal requirements (see guideline for grant applications). Every FC is recorded in a protocol which is then sent out as a newsletter to every faculty council. This letter can also be used by the faculty councils to send out posters and flyers for events.

Information regarding financial funding

Deposits, alcohol, carrier bags and flights are on no account financed by AStA. In every other case, you can manage your finances to a great extent independently. It should be evident that your expenses should benefit the students.

Events, such as seminars or parties from the institute cannot be paid by AStA, these fall under the obligation of the university, or rather the relevant institute.

For expenses over € 1,000, 3 quotes are necessary, even though this may present a very rare case for you. 

Costs for train tickets are fully reimbursed, for car drives, you will receive 15 cents per kilometre driven, or 20 cents when driving more than one person. Here too, the intent and purpose of the drive needs to be justified in a comprehensible manner.

We are at your disposal for further questions.