Studying with a Child


Especially students with children are in need of support.  This support is important and valuable in order to guarantee fair studies to all students, no matter if with or without a child. There already are some exceptional rules in the exam regulation of each department and there is financial support for students with a child. However, this is not enough. What is lacking is sufficient awareness of teachers to consider the needs of students with a child. Apart from that, there are not enough counselling and information services for these students. A further problem is the search for a day nursery or kindergarten place. The provision of childcare for children of students is definitely not sufficient.


To counter this lack, AStA offers a babysitting  service for students with children. This service is not a substitute for a day nursery but can offer a great amount of support. All students are invited to register for the babysitting service, no matter if they have a child or not. Students who would like to babysit can find a job here and students with children can connect and alternate looking after each other’s children.


Apart from the babysitting service AStA offers more support: we work together with different university departments and the Student Support Services  to improve the situation for students who have a child. To do that, we organise the Studi-Kidz-Café and other cultural events together with the Equal Opportunity Office and the Social Counselling of Student Support Services. If you want to know what our next events for students with children are, just take a look at the AStA newsletter, our Facebook page or the calender of events on our homepage or contact the department for social matters and education (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).