occupied by Johanna Sturm, Sarah Wegener, Lea Scheunemann and Theo Kretzscher

The project supervises and manages the student culture centre Baracke, behind the Institute for Political Sciences in Scharnhorststraße 100. It was first introduced in October 2011 and has been the link between various event organizers and visitors, as well as between AStA and the faculty councils.

The project is the contact point in all issues concerning the Baracke. In addition to this function, the project is also responsible for a majority of the administrative tasks for the day-to-day business of the premises. It e.g. coordinates dates, supervises events and is in charge of public relations.

What is the concept behind “Baracke”?

Baracke is a student culture and event centre as well as home to the faculty councils of political scienes and sociology, located between Aasee and the Institute for Political Sciences in Scharnhorststraße 100 in Münster. It is by far not only a place where students can meet up over a cup of coffee.

Thanks to its non-commercialized, student-administrated structure, the Baracke is supposed to maintain, work against the downsizing of and create more cultural and political open spaces. One of its priorities is also the promotion of social equality and diversity; the centre therefore clearly positions itself against any form of social discrimination.

This may sound like unreasonably high expectations but is actually realized in the inclusion of a range of different groups that use the Baracke as well as numerous events that are organized there: play rehearsals, regular open meeting, concerts, parties, film screenings, seminars and lectures. With its open structure, the centre provides an opportunity for anyone to realize any kind of idea, a possibility for artists to express their creativity and for visitors an alternative to other commercialized cultural institutions.
Its main concern is to provide everyone with the opportunity to actively participate.

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