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104 (Ground Floor)

The AStA office is closed from Dec 21st 2020 until Jan 1st 2021. Attestations that are submitted after Dec 17th will not be processed until Jan 4th.


If you need certified copies of your original documents, you can get them at the AStA office.
You need to bring the document as well as ten copies at the most. You will usually get back the certified copies within two days. The copies need to be exact and complete copies of the original, this means: texts and stamps cannot be missing on the copy or be copied incompletely.


Certifications can now only be made postal. Proceed as follows:
1. Fill out this form (only accessible in German)
2. Print out the form and put it in an envelope together with the original document and the copies to be certified
3. Throw the envelope in the mailbox at AStA
The certified copies will then be sent free of charge by mail to the address given in the form. If stated in the form, the original documents (uninsured) will also be sent. Otherwise, the documents will be kept and can be picked up at a later date.


Please note!

  • The pins used for stapling together original documents are not to be opened / removed for copying purposes.

  • Colour copies cannot be certified.

  • AStA is not allowed to attest any vital records (birth certificates i.e.) or official documents (identity documents, police records, i.e.).

  • Multilateral documents need to be copied completely (all front and back sides, even if one page only contains a stamp or a seemingly unimportant description)

  • Stamps and signatures need to be as legible as possible (if necessary, set your printer to a darker print in the menu).

  • The format of the copies does not need to be equivalent to the original documents, provided that the content remains unchanged and legible. Large-sized documents can therefore be reduced to a smaller size (reproduction factor). For multilateral originals, copies may have print on both sides (two pages on one sheet). The four pages of your “Abiturzeugnis” (German certificate for enrolling at a university) can e.g. be printed on both sides of the sheet in a DIN A 3 format, like its original.

  • Please do not staple copies together and do not hand in the documents (originals and copies) in transparent sheets or attached with paper clips or post-its