Van rental

Münster University’s AStA has vans at its disposal that can be rented by students without any profit margin for AStA. The vans can either be used for moving purposes within Germany. Inquiries or reservations are possible by phone call. Please bring your WWU student card, personal ID and driving license with you. Please note that only students at Münster University can rent the van. When the contract is concluded, the respective basic fee needs to be paid on account.


Due to lockdown restrictions, van rentals are not possible until at least Jan 31st.


How to book a van?

Inquiries and reservations are possible by phone at the Service Office (0251 83 22280). All further details will be clarified there.

How to pay?

You will receive the invoice by mail. The invoice amount must be transferred within 7 days.

How to pickup the van?

The handing out of keys and signing of the contract are done via the social counselling window (window left in front of the entrance door) to minimise contact between the people. Please bring your student ID, ID card and driver's license for pick up. Please be there on time to ensure a smooth process. A mouth-nose protection must be worn at any time!

How to return the van?

The keys are returned by throwing the keys into the mailbox. If you have refueled, the receipt must be put in the key case, only then the fuel costs can be refunded.

What hygienic measures are being taken?

All vans were undergoing an intensive cleaning before restarting the rental. In addition, the vans are cleaned and sanitised with disinfectant before each rental to minimize the risk of contagion. Please also note the following rules:
- Please wear a mouth-nose protection when pickup and keep sufficient distance from others!
- Please ensure an adequate ventilation even while driving with the van.
- Please don't leave trash in the vans, especially no tissues or similar!
- Wearing mouth-nose protection during the ride is not required.
- Renting the vans for passenger transportation is currently not possible.


10:30 – 12:30 (2 hours)

15€ incl. 20 km

10:30 – 14:30 (4 hours)

30€ incl. 40 km

16:00 – 09:00 the next day (overnight price)

40€ incl. 60 km

10:30 – 09:00 the next day (day price)

60€ incl. 110 km


Fr – Mo 09:00

100,00€ incl. 140 km


Please note the following:

Every additionally driven kilometre costs:
until kilometre 400: € 0,30
from kilometre 401: € 0,25

Fuel costs will be reimbursed when presenting a receipt!

For damages culpably caused, a personal contribution of € 305 is to be paid. For a fee of € 5 per each commenced day, this can be reduced to € 155.

In case of late return, a fee of € 25 per each commenced hour in addition to the respective basic fee is to be paid.