Social counselling

This is a service for students of the university of Münster ONLY.

During the crisis we are there for you. But our social counseling can't be reached by phone directly at the moment. Please submit a request and we will call you back.

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You lost your job because of the Corona crisis? You are in a financial distress? University is raising money for a Corona Emergency Fund to help you. From this fund you can receive aid of up to 450 € to support you at short notice. The main prerequisites for this are: current income below the BAföG maximum, no reserves and the Corona crisis as a trigger of the emergency. In consultation, we will clarify with you whether a grant is eligible for you. Afterwards you can submit a request. These applications are generally decided once a week. You can also find out more information in the consultation: Make a request now.

Refund of contributions

In financial emergency cases there is a possibility to reimburse particular amount of money of the semester contribution. The actual amount of the summer semester 2020 is 200.00 euros.


Taking into account COVID-19 prevention measures the social counseling support of AStA has been switched to phone and e-mail-based counseling.

 To get the explanations to the application procedure, please, contact our social counseling service by phone.  If you were advised to submit an application, we will send you the form, fill it out and send the original to the AstA. You can either throw the application into the AStA postbox or send it by post. Please note that you must enclose a study certificate and a copy of the semester ticket with the application.

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Social loan

The AStA grants social loans as a one-time payment up to € 853 to the students who are in a financial emergency in order to bridge the emergency and to continue their studies. At the start of the course, the double amount of € 1,706 can be used to finance the start.

These loans are granted without interest and are to be repaid at a pre-agreed time. Students who are experiencing such a financial distress should promptly have a conversation with the social counseling service and apply for an interest-free loan.


Taking into account COVID-19 prevention measures, the social counseling support of AstA has been switched to phone and e-mail-based counseling.

After your phone advice, fill out the application form below. The loan contract will be prepared as soon as we get your application. Afterwards we will e-mail you all necessary documents to be signed. These are two loan contracts and the loan application.

You can either throw the three original documents in the AStA postbox or send them by post (AStA financial department, Schlossplatz 1, 48149 Münster). Please make sure you enclose a study certificate to the application.

Social loan application

You may also be interested in our exam loan in this context. See also: Student financing.

Social counselling staff

Ahmed Abu Ergaila