Semester ticket for cultural events

Currently 19 institutions in Münster offer you discounts or even free entry. On this page, we have summed up all offers and listed the homepages of all participating institutions (see down below).

Partners of the ticket at one glance::

Currently 19 institutions in Münster offer you discounts or even free entry. On this page, we have summed up all offers and listed the homepages of all participating institutions (see down below).

Literaturverein (Literature society)

Free entry for all events

Westfälischer Kunstverein (Westphalian Art Association)

Free entry for all events

Museum für Lackkunst (Lacquer Art Museum)

Free entry for all exhibitions 

Stadtmuseum Münster (City Museum Münster)

Continuous free entry for students

Wolfgang Borchert Theater (Borchert Theatre)

1) 25 free tickets for students up to seven days before each events. Exceptions: premieres, New Years Eve events, guest performances, concerts and other special events
2) Vacant seats free of charge, from 30 minutes on before event starts 

Theater Münster (Münster Theatre)

1) 40 free tickets for students for the big hall (Großes Haus), 12 free tickets for the small hall(Kleines Haus) and 4 tickets for the U 2 hall, in each case up until 3 days before each event. Exceptions: premieres, guest performances, guest concerts and special events.
2) Vacant seats free of charge, from three days before the events on


2 free tickets for one show by Impro 005 (always on the first to third Sundays every month). Tickets can be collected in the week leading up to the show.

Theater im Pumpenhaus (Pumpenhaus Theatre)
Up to 10 vacant seats for free, from 15 minutes before the event starts.
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Theaterlabor Hiltrup (Hiltrup Theatre)

15 free tickets per events, as well as vacant seats free of charge from 30 minutes before the event starts

cuba - cultur

50% discount on all concerts in the Blackbox


1) Film club discount, 4€ per Filmwerkstattevent
2) Special festival pass at a favourable packet price for students at the film festival

Hot Jazz Club

50% discount at the box office for all concerts (max. 30 students/event)

Bürgerhaus Bennohaus

5 tickets for only € 5 for each fee-based event 

GOP Varieté

Special rate of € 10 for all 9pm-events on Friday and Saturday (not applicable in November and December)

Franz-Hitze Akademie

Free entry for all evening events

Einklang - Philharmonie für Alle e.V.

120 free tickets for all concerts of the season, available in the Westfälische Nachrichten shop.

SC Preußen Münster

50 free tickets for all home games, to be collected at AStA

FAQ regarding the semester for cultural events

You’re new at Münster University and have never heard of this ticket?

The following provides you with a guideline for all freshers and late-comers ;)

1. The semester ticket for cultural events (“Kultursemesterticket”, short “KuSeTi”) has been introduced last summer semester. It allows you to attend several events from associated institutions at a reduced rate or for free. 
2. The KuSeTi has been introduced as a physical ticket and you do not need to purchase it yourself. You pay the fee automatically.

3. You need to show your NRW semester ticket to legitimize your claim on the reduced rates at the box offices of the participating institutions. The blue student ID is not valid as as KuSeTi! (In exceptional cases, you can return your NRW ticket. In this situation, you only need a printed version of your enrolment certificate. You can find it at the registration portal under Administration of Study>Study reports for all terms ).

4. A reduced rate can be applied to one event per person.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. On Facebook or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.