Boxes for singles: € 8
Summer boxes for singles: € 10

Box for flat-shares: € 10
Summer box for flat-shares: € 14

6 eggs: € 2.40

1kg potatoes: € 1.60
from 2.5kgs: € 1.40 per kilogram

Eco-friendly and fair veggie box

The eco-friendly and fair veggie box ("öko-faire kiste") is a box filled with seasonal, regional and organic vegetables, handed out by AStA’s Department for Ecology and Animal Welfare in cooperation with the organically operating farm Laakenhoof – for you! This provides you with an alternative for a healthy diet that is both animal and environmentally friendly. The box is sold at a very affordable price and is very easily accessible – it can be picked up right in the city centre, on the left side of the castle!

 The box can be pre-ordered against cash payment until Monday at the AStA office during their business hours.

The box is delivered every Friday and awaits you from 11.15am to 2pm at the AStA building.

If there is ever a time where you cannot pick up your box, the vegetables will of course not be thrown away, but be placed on the food sharing shelf for everyone’s disposal.