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Department for Diversity and Culture

occupied by Beatrice Jutzi (CampusGrün) and Emma Würffel (Juso-HSG)

The Department for Diversity and Culture’s aim is to deepen the understanding and exchange across cultural borders. We strongly wish for a solidary coexistence of all people at the university and within the city. We see diverse features that may provoke any kind of disadvantage, such as skin colour, religion, gender, etc., as a chance for cultural diversity, which we are aiming to systematically promote. Therefore, this department focuses on overcoming any kind of discrimination (on an ethnical, sexual, cultural, intellectual level, etc.) and on prioritizing equal rights and opportunities. Within the framework of a diverse university environment, we also advocate for interdisciplinarity in teaching.

Another important pillar of our department is our support for cultural events for and organized by students. We continue supporting any kind of cultural events in the arts, music, literature, theatre, dance and other creative forms of expressions and cooperate with student groups to contribute to the wide, diverse range of cultural events in Münster.

Furthermore, we also worked on creating the semester ticket for cultural events for all students in the last legislation. After a successful strike ballot in November 2014, the ticket was introduced in the summer term 2015. With the ticket, all students have the opportunity for currently € 2.96 per semester to attend several events at cultural institutions in Münster for free or at a strongly reduced rate. You can find all information regarding the semester ticket for cultural events and current information about the ticket on our Facebook page, where we have compiled all offers for you. In general, we wish to promote the intercultural exchange and confrontation with different lifestyles, as well as to give all students the opportunity to broaden their horizons. 

We look forward to your suggestions, ideas and requests!


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