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Budget plans

Budget 2020 (only accessible in German)
Supplementary budget 2019_2 (only accessible in German)
Supplementary budget 2019_1 (only accessible in German)
Budget 2019 (only accessible in German)
Supplementary budget 2018_2 (only accessible in German)
Supplementary budget 2018_1 (only accessible in German)
Budget 2018 (only accessible in German)
Budget 2017 (only accessible in German)
Budget 2016 (only accessible in German)
Budget 2015 (only accessible in German)
Supplementary budget 2015 (only accessible in German)
Supplementary budget 2014 (only accessible in German)

Contract forms

Contract for lectures etc. (only accessible in German)  
Contract for artists (groups and soloists) (only accessible in German)

Reimbursement forms

Reimbursement form (single sided)

Reimbursement form (double sided)


Financial department

occupied by Nicolas Stursberg (CampusGrün) and Sven Frenck (Juso-HSG)

The Financial Department’s duties are to establish and manage the budget for the student body. We are therefore your contact for all questions regarding the student body’s finances. Our total budget amounts to about € 18 million. At first glance, this may sound like a lot of money, but at the end, AStA is by far not left with as much money for its work and political engagement.

The fee

You can read up on the composition of the semester fee on the university’s website.

The fee for the semester ticket for cultural events has been newly introduced in the summer term 2015. With the ticket, all Münster University students can attend cultural events either for free or at a strongly reduced price.

With the amount of money per student made available to AStA, AStA finances the semester ticket and several political and cultural events, as well as its personnel; it provides your faculty council with sufficient financial funding for their work and naturally also offers a number of services for you. 

Funding for events

The budget committee can fund external events up to an amount of €1000. Higher sums have to be approved by the student parliament. Your application should include a concise description of your project, as well as an explanation regarding the connection to the students’ duties.

You can find more information on this subject here.

Faculty Councils 

The budget of the decision-making student body is reserved to €125,000 in order to finance the work of your Faculty Councils. In addition to own resources, the Faculty Council may apply for further funding at the Faculty Council Conference. In case this year’s budget for your faculty is exhausted, you can also access money from last year’s budget that has not been used up. In addition to that, you can also deposit the money you are earning into our bank account, it will then be credited to your faculty’s name. This means, even bigger projects can by financed. In this matter, the Financial Department, is the contact for the reimbursement for any arising expenses.

You find reimbursement forms and guidelines on the Faculty Councils Portal Page.

Visiting Times

The Financial Department is opend Monday - Thursday 9am - 4pm and Friday 9am - 2pm.

Staff members of the Financial Department

Uwe Warda  
Bernd Winter