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Anti Mobbing
Lukas Behrens

Student living
Luca Horoba

Department for Social Affairs and Living

occupied by Till Pauly (CampusGrün) and Miriam Walter (Juso-HSG)

The Department for Social Affairs and Education is composed of two working fields, social affairs and political education, and therefore focuses on topics directly affecting students’ lives on and off campus.

On the one hand, a special focus lies on the advancement of social equity by supporting students with special needs. For this purpose, concrete counselling services are being offered, e.g. concerning Germany’s state funding for students at secondary schools and universities (“BAföG”), regarding students’ living situations, specifically for parents who are studying or concerning psychological stress induced while attaining a university degree. Furthermore, we address these issues by coming up with political demands that are presented in publicity-effective campaigns to politicians in charge. In cooperation with various institutions and through our continuous engagement, we want to achieve a change regarding the general conditions for all university students.

On the other hand, our aim is also to further the students’ political education. This aim is both achieved through educational work by focusing on university political structures and by organising lecture series or seminars. The latter deals with problems concerning the students‘ daily university life, as well as topics that are of special interest to students in general.

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