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Women's Department

occupied by Lena Paetsch und Lisa Etzold

Hello everyone!

The Women’s Department does not only have new office hours, but also a new advisor! Since May 2015, Lisa is the newest addition to the department and now works together with Lena. We are currently developing a program for the next semester that hopefully speaks to a lot you.
We look forward to seeing you in our office hours, when attending our events, contributing with your own ideas, etc…

Why even is there a Women’s Department at AStA?

First, a short review: Every second dissertation and every fourth postdoctoral thesis are handed in by women. Yet, only 18% of all professors working at universities are women, even though women have been allowed to study for more than 100 years and even though approximately the same number of women and men get a university degree. Female students complete unpaid internships twice as often as male students. In their professional life later, women earn less than men for equal work and often face a double burden when having to manage both household and job. Women are also less visible than men in society through the use of gendered language, both in university and private contexts. We try to repeatedly explore these topics and raise awareness. We do not only want to call attention to the inequalities at university, but also within university politics.

Every month, we offer our “salon féministe”, where we have coffee and cake as well as feminist lectures and the space to exchange thoughts and ideas and connect with each other. We also support several student projects with the aim to make feminist politics more visible at Münster University (be it in lectures, workshops, reading circles, or at parties or in radio shows). In this regard, we heartily recommend “Riot Rrradio“ that airs every third Sunday of the month at 7pm at Antenne Münster. We are also closely working together with the project “Handeln für mich” (“Taking action for you”) that supports women facing difficulties at university. You can find their offer at (accessible only in German). 



We are naturally at your disposal for any further ideas, suggestions, criticism, questions or just for a quick chat and a cup of coffee. We are also always reachable via e-mail and during our office hours, also over the phone. You can find our contact information at the AStA homepage or on our blog (, accessible only in German))


We are looking forward to seeing you!

Lisa and Lena

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