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Sports Department

occupied by Colja Homann und Maximilian Strunk

The Sports Department represents the students at University and FH Münster on a regional, national and international level in all sports matters. In cooperation with the university’s sports centre (“Hochschulsport”, short “HSP”), our budget allows us to put out an affordable and high-quality sports program with approx. 150 different sport disciplines, advanced training sessions, special workshops and numerous tournaments and sport excursions in Germany and abroad.

The sport disciplines offered by HSP are represented by so-called “Obleute” (sports program chairpersons) who act like the interface between participants, trainers and the Sports Department student advisors. The student advisors are periodically elected by the Obleute and must be approved by the university’s student parliament (StuPa).


+++ At the last plenary assembly for all sports program chairpersons (on 07/19/2018), Colja Homann has been re-elected as the Sports Department’s student advisor for another year +++

+++ The first plenary assembly for the sports program chairpersons for the winter term 18/19 will take place on 11/12/2018 at 8pm +++

Visiting Times
Monday By appointment
Tuesday 12pm - 2pm 3pm - 5pm
Wednesday By appointment 
Thursday 12pm - 2pm 3pm - 5pm
Friday By appointment 
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