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Protocols of our general assembly (in German):






Department for Disabled and Chronically Ill Students

occupied by Jost Weisenfeld and Lars Engelmann

The autonomous Department for Disabled and Chronically Ill Students represents all disadvantaged students due to physical and intellectual impairments. We campaign for a barrier-free university and equal conditions for disabled and chronically ill students. During our office hours, we are here to help you with problems in your daily lives as students.

At the regular plenary assembly for disabled and chronically ill students, we inform you at least once per semester about our work. Also, this is the place for important decisions, e.g. about the personnel of the department.

If you have any wishes, issues or problems, please contact us or come to our office hours. Our office is currently not barrier-free, so we will have to use another room, if necessary. Please don't hesitate to tell us what you require regarding these topics!

You can find useful information regarding studying with disabilites and chronical illness if you follow this link.

A list of tutors dedicated to studying with disabilities and chronical illness can be found here.

Visiting Times
Monday By appointment
Tuesday By appointment
Wednesday By appointment
Thursday By appointment
Friday By appointment
During the semester break By appointment 

 It is always possible to make individual appointments. Please contact us via e-mail.