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Department for University Politics

Anna Lena Krug (CampusGrün)

The Department for University Politics deals with various problems you run into in your everyday student life. Our responsibility is to represent the students’ interests on university, federal and national level.
We are e.g. advocating for the establishment of online lectures, a standardization of learning platforms, a guarantee to get into a Master’s programme and other subjects you can read up on in the coalition agreement.

We are also responsible for all questions concerning students’ participation at university as well as for connecting to other student representatives. Several topics that are of concern for us are also important to other universities. A cooperation for specific topics, such as the Higher Education Act regarding the future of higher education institutions (“Hochschulzukunftsgesetz”) is not only desirable but can also move the discussion forward.

We also supervise several projects, which you may have already encountered: Thanks to eLectures, you may have been able to listen to your lecture online at home, listen to it over and over again and prepare for the lecture. You only understood the electoral process after watching the video podcast? And last semester, you went to this really interesting lecture organized by the project Ideology criticism? All of these examples can be attributed to the Department for University Politics.

In addition to the projects and events, the most important tasks for the Department for University Politics are to educate students and provide them with information about current university-related topics.

If you want to read up more on university politics, we recommend our reader  “How does university politics work?” ("Wie funktioniert Hochschulpolitik?”, only accessible in German).


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